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BODY LANGUAGE: How A Short ‘Power Pose’ Can Change Your Life And Career

** A LOT of stuff here about how we carry ourselves and the effects it can have.  There’s also a link (first paragraph) to a TED talk about this – which I haven’t watched yet.  But I will.






When the Silver Tsunami Hits the Silver Ceiling

The Silver Tsunami Hits the Silver Ceiling

** Quote: “… I read and hear news stories about companies complaining that they can’t find qualified workers, that they have open positions they can’t fill, that candidates lack training.  Maybe they should try to expand their pool of candidates to include older people who want to continue working but just need an opportunity.”

We Must Celebrate Our Older Workers

Through: @NewCareerGuru

** Lots of good arguments in favor of older people, including mentoring, experience, problem-solving…

Older workers key to managing skills shortage

Through: @ExertusJobs

** In economics, if there is a shortage of a resource, there is substitution elasticity.  So if there really is “a shortage” why are employers shunning experienced and capable people?






LinkedIn: How to network your way to your next job–interview-advice/1031/linkedin-how-to-network-your-way-to-your-next-job

** On average, if you get something useful from a “networking touch” 25% of the time, you’re doing pretty well (and credit to Eric Ross for that tidbit)

Making Connections: Networking Tips for Extroverts

Making Connections: Networking Tips for Extroverts

Through: @UndercoverRec

** Ultimately, it’s not all about you.  Anyone can get a business card, send an email, and a LinkedIn invite.  But to listen, and help?  Ah, that’s the gold nugget that creates an ongoing relationship.






3 Cover Letter Tips That Guarantee an Interview

Through: InterviewIQ

** I don’t think I’d have used the word “guarantee”.  But looks good.






10 Reasons Your Resume Isn’t Getting You Interviews

** Resume 101.  But it’s good to review the basics now and again.






The 3 As to Acing an Interview

Through: @CareerAdvisor13

** Amen.  (Couldn’t resist.)

Answering the Question “Why Should We Hire You?”

** I wonder if anyone has ever answered this question, then immediately asked “And on the flip side, why should I accept an offer from you?”






References: What to Do When Your Former Boss Dislikes You

Through: @CareerAdvisor13

** Excellent advice if you’re not sure of a former boss and what they’ll say.

Take Care of Your References

** The care and feeding of references.






What Does Your Online Persona Say About Your Personal Brand?

What Does Your Online Persona Say About Your Personal Brand?

Through: @UndercoverRec

** Why do I blog and tweet?  To show that 1) I try to help others, 2) I can write (not so common for an engineer!), and 3) I have a wide-ranging intellect and intellectual curiosity.

Getting Hired: The Simple But Overlooked Steps Every Candidate Must Take In The Networked Economy–interview-advice/708/getting-hired-the-simple-but-overlooked-steps-every-candidate-must-take-in-the-networked-economy

** Brave new world.  And there are bound to be hiccups.

Web Content: What Does It Say About You?

Through: @eExecutives

** Quote: “You are a reflection of not only what you write, but also of the content that you include in your digital space.”

The Perils of Being a Social Media Holdout

** “Why do I rob banks?  That’s where they keep the money,” is a paraphrase of a famous American bank robber.  So why am I emailing, and tweeting, and blogging?  Because that’s where recruiters and employers are – and look.

Branding: Does Being Cute Pay?

** And I commented.

A handy tip for managing your LinkedIn Endorsements

Through: @careersherpa

** I think I have some work to do.







Navigate the job market like you’re shopping!

Through: @ForwardMotionUS

** It’s all about differentiation.

Top 10 Worst Job Search Tips – Advice Job Seekers Should Avoid

Through: @NewCareerGuru

** A little contrarian.  Then again, why follow everyone else?






Top 3 Hiring Mistakes to Avoid

Top 3 Hiring Mistakes to Avoid

Through: @

** Gee, some of this sounds familiar.  To wit:

Respecting The Candidate – Instructions For Employers

** We’re applicants, not supplicants, and a little courtesy will go a long way.






Salary negotiation tips: How to negotiate a job offer–interview-advice/366/salary-negotiation-tips-how-to-negotiate-a-job-offer

** Quote: “Your previous or current salary tells them how successful you have really been professionally. Even if your resume sometimes obscures your actual position and responsibilities at the previous firm, your salary will not. This is why you should never give the recruiter a number if you can help it.”

** Question for consideration – what if your salary is HIGH for the perceived salary band.  Wouldn’t that mean you’ve been REALLY successful?  And therefore are of enormous value?

How to Bring Up SALARY on a Job Interview

** An interesting counter-argument to the “never name a number first” conventional wisdom.

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