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“What Is Your Excuse for Not Having a Job?”

** Don’t make excuses.  But this is a question which can be asked in some variant or other so have an answer.  IMHO it’s rude, and it bespeaks a lack of two things – 1) empathy for another human being, and 2) a lack of awareness of the current economic conditions.  And if I can be contrarian, I’d love to ask any hiring mangager that asked this “Have you ever been unemployed?  And for how long?”






Resume Tips For Job Seekers Over 50

** Don’t forget the obvious.  If you’re older, you’re probably in a high-level position.  Just basic facts say there aren’t as many of those available.

Résumés that dispel the age myth

Through: @ForwardMotionUS

** A collection of stereotypes about older people.  Proactively combat them.






The Basics of Power Networking

** Three Rules of Thumb at the end.  Print them and frame them.

Speed what? Are you kidding?

** Better to make a few solid contacts with whom you have a meaningful exchange, than collect a stack of business cards from people who will barely remember you.

Talk to Strangers to Improve Your Job Search

Through: @LisaRangel

** I don’t know about random strangers, but definitely be diligent in meeting new people.

The Power of Partying (I mean Networking)

Through: @InterviewIQ

** Amen!  You absolutely never know when you might meet someone who can connect you to the right people.

Treat Job-hunting as a Sales Process to Land Your Next Job

** How do salesmen generate leads?  Networking!!

7 Ways To Get A Hiring Manager’s Name


** If you can find it, you’ve struck gold!






5 Easy Tips To Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

** Finding out who the hiring manager is can be the hard part… especially in a big company.






Your Resume and Interview Skills Suck (Let Me Tell You Why)

Through: @JobExpert

** Blunt.

How To Address Being Fired In An Interview

Through: @JobExpert

** Quote: “… the point is that the person interviewing you probably has gone through the experience.”

** I disagree.  Whether it’s being unemployed, or having been fired, etc., there is a staggeringly small amount of empathy, especially experience-based empathy, out there.  As evidence I point out the extreme bias against people who have been unemployed for over six months.

What questions to ask if your resume gets negative feedback

Through: @UndercoverRec

** I just got some rather strong “suggestions” for my resume.






How To Answer Surprise Interview Questions

** Quote: “If a question throws you, take your time in answering it, and try and appear unflustered. Always be prepared for the expected questions at an interview, but always be aware of what’s round the corner and take as long as you need to answer. Deliberation is better than giving a quick and inappropriate response.”

7 Reasons Employers Will Hire You

Through: @uwcommarts

** Quote: “To secure that dream job, you have to think like the person making the final decision. What is going through the manager’s head when they select candidates?”






LinkedIn Quick Tip: Adjust Your Specialties

** Anything that makes your information easier to read is a good thing.






Find Out How Much You’re Worth To Employers

** Let me play semantics.  This is not what you’re worth, but what they’re willing to pay you.  And my experience – FWIW – is that (in particular) tends to be high compared to the range companies are willing to pay.

How to Answer Questions about Salary History or Requirements

Through: @JobExpert

** I tend to give my target range.  When asked again, I counter with some form of “How is that relevant to the salary range you’re willing to pay me?”

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