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How to Research a Company before a Job Interview

** Prepare, prepare, prepare.

Do deeper and “x-ray” searches on Google to find “unadvertised” jobs

** WOW!  I need to really read this one, and read it again.






13 Aging Myths We Love To Prove Wrong

** And yet the myths continue.

6 tips for landing a job

** Energy.  Project energy.






The Surprising Reason Your Networking Isn’t Working

** YMMV.  Not so sure I buy it.






4 Things You Should Not Include on Your Resume

** I like to recommend, as you’re editing your resume, asking “So what?” to every single statement.  If you can’t justify it, it shouldn’t be there.

It’s Not Your Résumé That Gets You Hired

** A resume is a necessary, but not sufficient, thing.






Why Should I Choose You Over The Other Candidates?

** I wonder what would happen if, during an interview, a candidate would ask “So why should I choose this company over the others I’m interviewing with?”.

12 Questions You Should Never Ask In A Job Interview

** Don’t shoot yourself in the foot.

How to answer the ‘weakness’ question

** What’s important is that you’re AWARE and working to improve.






How Sharing Other People’s Content Makes You an Irresistible Job Candidate

** I will certainly admit that I do my fair share of “shameless self-promotion”… but that’s not all you need to do.

Face To Face Personal Branding

** It’s when you get to know people in person that things are most effective.






How Employers View You Being Fired

** Somehow I don’t think companies are this openminded.

Changing Jobs – Too Many Times or Too Few?–interview-advice/4030/changing-jobs—too-many-times-or-too-few?utm_source=crt

** There is no right answer.  Just have an explanation for both directions in case you’re asked.

13 Surprising Things That Affect Whether You Get Hired

** Some, I’d heard.  Others are new.  But I’m taking the coffee regardless.






Recruiters: What’s Your Behavioral Interviewing Strategy?

** Insights into behavioral interviewing tactics.

6 Secrets to Hire the Right Job Candidate

** Note #6 – it seems to be becoming a rattle-off… how can interviewers rattle candidates?

To Hire Well, First Define What You Need

** I can’t count the number of interviews I’ve been on where half the battle seemed to be that they weren’t really sure what they wanted yet.






5 Ways to Negotiate a Better Job Offer

** Definitely know when to stop.  But beware companies that refuse to negotiate at all… my experience is that these companies think that their sh*t doesn’t stink, and that merely working for them is a priviledge you should be glad to have.  “Danger Will Robinson, danger!”

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