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What Job Seekers Need to Know about Recruitment Trends in 2014

** Everything needs to fit through the ATS; this creates the need for two resumes: 1) to go to the ATS, and 2) to go to a human you’ve networked to.

The Most Overlooked Hiring Factor

** Quote: “Always select the person who wants the job–not the position.”  Wow – this is powerful.  What can you do to communicate that you want the job?

Does Volunteering Lead to Jobs?–interview-advice/3313/does-volunteering-lead-to-jobs

** Be sincere.  If you get hired through a contact you make and quit, it will leave a very bad taste in the mouth of the person who helped you; and if that person got you into their company, it WILL come back through whispered comments.  If you volunteer, do so sincerely and because it’s a cause you believe in, and keep going.






How To Deal With The Comment, “You’re Overqualified.”–interview-advice/4098/how-to-deal-with-the-comment-youre-overqualified

** Video.

The Ugly Truth About Age Discrimination

** Quote: “Here’s the flip side of the age-discrimination challenge: if you know what business pain you solve and can talk to hiring managers about that pain, they can’t afford to care how old you are.”

Three Keys to Interviewing for Older Applicants






Network Your Way to Success


** Some very nice advice.

Become a Master Networker: 5 Quick Tips

** “Help others” is the first tip.  Worth watching… only a few minutes long.  And the third echoes the first.

Rock Your Business Network Meetings

** All good, but I really like number 2.  I’ll have to try that.

Guide to Job Search Networking

** Go to the bottom: there is a compare-two-scenarios – “Who Would You Hire?”  Read it, read it again.  There’s NOTHING that reduces risk-of-hire in a person’s mind like a reference/referral from someone already known.

10 Common Networking Mistakes To Avoid

** And while it’s good to make a lot of contacts, remember to carefully cultivate key people in strong positions.






Cover email 101:how to get noticed without annoying recruiters–interview-advice/169/cover-email-101how-to-get-noticed-without-annoying-recruiters

** Good advice.






Visual Resumes: Will They Help Or Are They Hype? [TECH TUESDAY]

** It depends, definitely.

Best Resume Writer Tips: Complying with the Applicant Tracking Systems

** Only if you can’t find anyone to contact.  Related:

Good News About The Black Hole

Common mistakes found on CVs

** I like this – good basics – but… how, exactly, do you highlight key words unless you make a keyword section or use a lot of bolding.






Ready to Impress? 12 Questions to Ask at Your Next Job Interview

** Some good ones here.

Interview tips: 5 things that make a great first [impression]

** Sounds… familiar:

Done in Seven Seconds

How To Avoid Interview Blunders

** Practice, research, and how do you fit into their needs.

How to Dress for an Interview on a Budget

** It pays to get professional help.  My suits are fitted at the store, with the shoes I plan on wearing.






Online Reputation Management for Your Personal Brand

** You WILL be “checked out”.  (Just out of curiosity, what do people find when they look for me?)

How to engage successfully with recruiters on social media

** If you want to be caught, know where people are fishing (and what bait they’re using).         






If People Need Jobs, Why Is It So Hard to Hire? [INFOGRAPHIC]

** What I find depressing is the fact that over 50% of people who don’t hire, don’t hire because they can’t find the “perfect candidate”.  Do they SERIOuSLY believe there is a factory out there cranking out people, especially at a middle-to-senior level, who match their qualifications to a “T”?

4 Key Tips to Dressing Properly for an Interview

** Not just at the interview, but networking too.






How to Hire for Cultural Fit

** Video; description: “Skills and values are important, but you need to ask interview questions that identify whether candidates will fit the culture. Yes To CEO Joy Chen explains.”

Get More Out of Interviews With Unexpected Questions

** Video; description: “You’ll learn far more about candidates by asking questions for which they haven’t rehearsed answers, says Gilt founder Kevin Ryan.”






How to avoid giving employers your salary history

** I commented.

5 Things Most People Don’t Know About Negotiating

** Never just give something away.  If you concede on “A”, trade it for “B”.  Related:

14 Surprising Negotiating Tricks To Boost Your Salary

** I’m not saying I’m the world’s best negotiator, though I can dicker with the best of them at a flea market.  Some interesting techniques here.

Responding to a Lowball Salary Offer

** My experience is that most companies know there are “plenty of fish in the sea” and won’t negotiate seriously if the gap is more than a few thousand.


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