Article Aggregate Feb 20, 2014

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How to improve non-verbal communication

** With the majority of communication (networking, interviewing) being non-verbal, this is critical information.  More:

Welcome to Body Language Learning – the BASIC™ approach to effective communication

** This site looks interesting – full disclosure though, I haven’t gone through it.

Think Your Interview Process is Fair? Read This Letter.

** Definitely on the lighter side.  But it also contains a serious message.  Related:

Hire for Attitude, Train for Skill

** Great message.  How many are listening?  More:

5 Things that Good Job Candidates Hate

** I’m starting to see a wave of articles about candidate experiences:

Candidate Experience: How to Get it Right

** One might almost think that something is “in the air” that how companies treat candidates can come back to them.  Sounds awfully familiar:

Thanks. Now buzz off.






Why some love hiring older workers

** Reliability and longevity.  These are assets that can be stressed in an interview.






10 ways to communicate with your LinkedIn connections

** I disagree about Endorsements; don’t do them unless you have had actual experience with that person’s skill.  Endorsements are getting to the point of spam:

Tarnished Endorsements

Networking: Who is in your network and how do you approach them?–interview-advice/810/networking-who-is-in-your-network-and-how-do-you-approach-them

** And be specific; do you have target companies, target locations… even knowing a target industry can be of enormous help.

Networking a Nightmare? 10 Ways to Break Through the Fear

** I like all except nine; unless you’re dating/married to this person, this is creepy.

E-mail Netiquette

** Good advice; I’ll add one more.  Anything you put in an email can be forwarded to THE WORLD.  So before you hit “send” imagine that information in the hands of your worst enemy.






How To Write A Cold Call Cover Letter–interview-advice/4167/how-to-write-a-cold-call-cover-letter

** Be excited about them specifically.

The Cover Letters That Make Hiring Managers Smile (Then Call You)

** Might be a repeat, but still good.  Differentiate yourself.






Guide to Effective Resume Writing

** This site has a lot of good info!






How to Dress for (Interview) Success: 7 Tips

** Just remember – it’s easier to take off a jacket, remove a tie, etc., then to wish you had a tie because you came in aiming a little low on the formality scale.

How to Prove You Are the Perfect Candidate [3 Ways]

** Certainly, differentiate yourself.  But at the same time, demonstrate you can do the job and provide value, but don’t give away what you know for free.  What you know is what makes you valuable.






4 Types of People You Should Add to Your LinkedIn Network

** Quote: “It’s not what you know, but who you know.”  I like John Amico’s quote better “It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you.”  Because it is on the basis of what another person knows about you that they are willing to attach their name – and reputation – to helping you.






Sourcing Your Way To A New Job Through Social Stalking

** Well, a little detective work… but if you can find a NAME, it’s worth it.

The Purple Cow: 7 Tips to Get Noticed and Get Hired

** Some good ideas!

4 Reasons Recruiters May Consider You Unemployable

** I commented.






8 Mind Games That Recruiters Play During Interviews

** Seriously?  Seriously?  Here’s a question: Would you go on a second date with someone who played these kind of games with you?

The One Interview Question You Have to Ask

** Asking people to solve a problem you have?  Uh uh.  Been there, done that, don’t do that any more.

How to Spot a Problem Candidate [5 Tips]

** What are they watching for?






Salary Negotiation 101: 4 Tips For Getting More

** I commented.

“What Did You Earn At Your Last Job?”

** How is what I earned for someone else, in a different company, possibly in a different industry, relevant to the fact that I want a minimum of X; if that’s in the feasible range, let’s talk.  And I love this question, quote: “If you’re still in doubt, ask yourself this question: is the hiring manager going to tell you what s/he paid the last person in the job? I’m pretty sure he or she is not going to do that. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander — don’t you agree?”

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