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Interview Styles Series – #5 Telephone Interviews–interview-advice/412/interview-styles-series–5-telephone-interviews

** And don’t forget the increasingly-popular Skype interview!

The Best Way To Stalk An Employer Before An Interview

** In the personal, you can find cues on how to build rapport.  For example, I once had a GREAT conversation with someone when I saw, in their office, pictures of them SCUBA diving… a shared interest.






Overqualified? Hiring Managers Offer These 5 Tips for You

** A good, basic approach is to look them in the eye and say “In the interest of candor, what is the base issue?”  Related:

6 Ways to Rock the Overqualified Job Interview Question

6 Ways to Rock the Overqualified Job Interview Question

** I especially like 4 and 6!






A Hidden Golden Nugget for Job Searchers

** A very good suggestion!

How to Network for a Job: 7 Tips about Cold Calling

** And ask how you can help them.  E.g., “I recognize I’m approaching you from a poor position – that of asking you for help.  Is there some way I can return the favor?”

Five Key Tips for Offline Networking–interview-advice/3460/five-key-tips-for-offline-networking

** And offer something in return for their help – even if you get no help.  Can you help them?






Forget Writing a Cover Letter, Nobody Reads It Anyway!

** A contrarian approach.






3 Ways To Beat The Evil Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

** The fourth way: network around it to a person willing to read your resume.

5 Tricks To Get Noticed When Submitting A Résumé Online

** Some useful tips!

Highlight Your Personal Brand in Your Resume

** Remember, it’s a marketing document, nothing more.






Job Interview Tips: Why “Tell Me About Yourself” Does Not Mean Tell Me Your Life Story–interview-advice/1629/job-interview-tips-why-tell-me-about-yourself-does-not-mean-tell-me-your-life-story

** Give them enough to entice them.

How to survive brain-teaser interview questions

** Might be a repeat, but good info.  If you’re asked one of these things, talk it through out loud.  Use a piece of paper.  They’re not interested in the ANSWER, but how you go through getting an answer.

Being the Last Interview Could Wreck Your Chances

** Time of day matters.  Your placement in the stream of candidates matters.  You can, to some degree, affect the former – but not the latter.  Even so, it might be worth asking, casually, how many people they’ve already talked with for the role.

More Interview Questions Not to Ask, Part 1

** A series of three.  The first is definitely aimed at interviewers, not candidates.  But there are some good hints for candidates too.  Here are the next two:

Answer Irrelevant Job Interview Questions by Relating Them to Work

How You Answer Irrelevant Questions in an Interview, Part 3

How to Stand Out In Your Interview

How to Stand Out In Your Interview

** The difficulty is that the more human you permit yourself to be, the more you run the risk of offending in some manner or another.  But I agree with this sentence completely: “You’re dealing with a HUMAN BEING who is basing 99% of their decision to hire you on how they FEEL about you.”

How to Blow an Interview

** Quote: “Interviewers really like it when they don’t have to work too hard to figure out if you’re any good. Well-constructed answers provide insight into your intelligence and potential, your enthusiasm and motivation, your ability to deal with people, and of course how competent you are.”






One thing you should stop doing on Twitter right now…

One thing you should stop doing on Twitter right now…

** Good point.  Hadn’t thought of that.

Don’t Do This! Dodge These 2 Personal Branding Disasters by @KatherineKotaw

Don’t Do This! Dodge These 2 Personal Branding Disasters by @KatherineKotaw

** Agreed; I will modify it though: one does not stop having beliefs (e.g., political) simply because one is job searching.  As long as you’re not ranting (esp. not bigoted rants), but cogently arguing, and in the right venues (e.g., letters to the editor), IMHO there’s nothing wrong with it.






Why You Didn’t Get The Job

** Basics.  Often it comes down to intangibles, first impressions, and so on.






3 Hiring Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make

** I like Nick.






Salary negotiation tips: How to negotiate a job offer–interview-advice/366/salary-negotiation-tips-how-to-negotiate-a-job-offer

** Just remember, this is not an economy where you can push hard.

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