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How To Be Every Employer’s Pot Of Gold

** What do they want?

Infographic: Six Body Language Tips For Your Next Interview–interview-advice/4241/infographic-six-body-language-tips-for-your-next-interview

** This applies in every face-to-face interaction, not just interviews.  But speaking of face-to-face:

The Eyes of Body Language

** While eye movements and blinks are certainly a sign, I am dubious about their above-everything-else utility.  More on this:

Let Their Words Do the Talking

** Please understand, I’m not advocating telling lies.  But if nothing else this tells you some hints about discerning if you’re being lied to.

Job fit – the key to understanding who gets hired

** A very, very important point – and an embedded link:

The Science of Hiring, Part 1: Job Fit

** And parts 2, 3, and 4 linked at the bottom.






Young Workers: How To Gain Respect Of Older Co-Workers

** How could this be inverted to help you?






5 Ways to Improve your Job Networking

** And always, always, always be on the lookout for how you can help others.

5 Ways to Stay in Touch with Your Professional Network–interview-advice/1740/always-be-networking

** I agree with all of these.  But… 1) don’t be a pest, 2) share something back, and 3) it’s hard to get onto peoples’ schedules to have that coffee.  People are crazybusy:

The Cost of Crazybusy






How To Write The Perfect Email Subject Line For Job Hunting

** I don’t think there’s a “perfect” anything.  But definitely you want to capture their attention.

A Cover Letter That ‘Goes To Work’ For You…

** An interesting approach.

Writing a Cover Letter That Will Get Noticed

** Can you tie your experience/background to a problem they have?






3 Tools For Creating An Attention-Grabbing Resume

** Has anyone actually tried any of these?

Resume 101: All About Font, Size and Formats [Infographic]

** And try to have numbers; numbers and specific-to-you accomplishments.

How To Write A Resume That Beats The 10-Second Review

** Good idea.  Just make sure they’re in reasonable synch with each other!!






7 Interview Questions You Should Never Forget To Ask

** I especially like #5.  It ties in well with the SPARTACUS interview approach:

How to turn yourself into a winning job candidate

** And thanks to Neil for liking my stuff!

12 Quick Tips For Interviewing Like A Pro

** It doesn’t hurt to have a portfolio either, one that you can leave with them.

Should you create portfolio presentations for your job interviews?

** I always make it explicitly clear that everything in my portfolio is either in the public domain, or the drawings are made-up examples for illustration purposes only.






How to Create a Loyal Blog Audience #infographic

** Provide value; why will people come back to your blog?

3 Ways to Tell if Your Writing Stinks

** Too long?  That depends on what you’re trying to say.  If your essay is cogent, builds on itself, etc., and isn’t overly wordy for the sake of being wordy, then it’s not “too long”.  At the same time, don’t bang something out and post it.  For my own stuff, I edit, and edit, and edit.  I want to be concise but complete.  Hopefully I succeed!

Pictures Matter!

** I’ve actually written a piece – in the final stages of editing – proposing some standards.






Never Put All Your Eggs in One Basket–interview-advice/3855/never-put-all-your-eggs-in-one-basket

** This needs to be balanced against a shotgun approach.  There is a happy medium; that happy medium will be unique to you.

The Art of Following Up (Without Being Annoying)

** Persistence pays… until they start to consider you a pest.  That’s a line that’s NOT marked, alas.  But I definitely agree with the idea of trying different modes to reach out.

Your Business Attire Reflects On You

** Your attire will be taken as a proxy for your care and attention to detail.






Top Tips on Getting Recruitment Right First Time

** I like the recommendation to give feedback to job seekers who are rejected; it’d be a nice change.






How to Get Paid What You’re Worth

** Face it.  Unless you have a truly unique skill, one that can’t be duplicated, then your ability to command a premium will be marginal at best especially in this economy.

Conquering Salary Question Fears

** My opinion is that tends to be a little high; haven’t tried yet.

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