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What Job Seekers Need to Know about Recruitment Trends in 2014

** A very heavy emphasis on technology and glitzy stuff.

The Power of First Impressions Online [VIDEO]

** Video, and IMHO definitely worth watching.  Related:

The Science of Emotion in Marketing: How Our Brains Decide What to Share and Whom to Trust

** People make decisions emotionally; knowing that, how can you leverage that in networking and interviewing?

Tips for job seekers: How to avoid common job interview mistakes

** Video.  Some good stuff; some things I think are a little nitpicky.



Anti-Age Discrimination Resume Tactics

** Here’s the problem… all these might get you a call, or even a walk through the door.  If they’re inclined to be discriminatory, one look at you in person and you’re done.  The real trick is, IMHO, to show you have energy, drive, and are “current” (whatever that means).



How Your Network Can Help in Your Job Search

** Don’t wait for others to help you; help them first – and show them the possibilities.  As I told someone to whom I routinely send leads when I find them, “It’s people helping people that make this world bearable.”

How to Write the Perfect Networking Follow Up Email

** Amen!

Networking: Face-to-Face or Online – The Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]

** You need to do both, but it is in face to face networking that the truest and best relationships are made.

How to Start, Maintain and End a Networking Conversation

** I commented.

Simple Steps to Network into Your Next Job

** Quote: “Sure there’s a place for that, but the fundamental fact is that you must invest in building your network BEFORE you need to call on it.”  Amen, and amen, and amen!

Here’s What You Are Doing Wrong At Networking Events

** Here’s another one: not thinking about how you can help others.  What goes around, comes around…

Targeting the Hiring Manager

** As Nancy points out, this can work, it can backfire… and there’s no way to know beforehand.



Why Resume Templates Are Job Search Killers

** I don’t like templates, but with the reliance on ATS automatic scanning, you’re kind of forced into it.

What is the Best Resume Format: Functional, Chronological or Combined?

** Mine is a hybrid.

The best (and worst) words to have on your résumé

** “Best of breed”??



How Employers Hear Your “True Stories”

** I certainly agree that in phrasing answers one needs to consider how someone might perceive them.  But there’s also got to be a little slack cut too.  Ironically, the more polished your answers to difficult-situation questions are, the less sincere you appear.

Work-Arounds for Impossible Interview Questions

** Granted that you need to think very quickly, but… can you identify the real question they’re trying to answer?

Answering “Why Should We Hire You?”

** Quote: “Hires are not made based on how much the applicant wants the job. Hires are based on the value the candidate can create for the employer.”

Top 10 Interview Questions

** Not sure there is ever a “best” answer.  There are a lot of links here, though.

The top ten worst interview questions…ever

** My sign?  What is this, a 1970’s singles bar?  Are you kidding me?



The 31 Best LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job Seekers

** Common sense.

How to Be “Real You” on Social While Remaining Professional

** There’s a fine line, but part of SM vetting is to learn about the person behind the resume/LI profile.



What Helps After a Layoff? Seven Job Seekers’ Tips

** Two things.  One, I find it ironic that outplacement services are losing business.  Two, I definitely need to check out the “word cloud” idea, both for my profession/title AND for my target industries.

What are Recruiters’ Top Pet Hates

** How to avoid getting on their bad side.

Dealing with Under-Employment

** Underemployment is a big issue!  But if someone questions why you are, say, working as a cell phone sales person when your job/education/career was in something unrelated, shrug, and say “At some point I had to do something to put bread on my table.”  If an interviewer is so closed-minded they can’t grasp that, you don’t want to work for them anyway.

You’ve Done Everything Right and You Still Can’t Find a Job

** I agree: “Tell me something I don’t know.”  But presented nonetheless for your consideration.  I am firmly of the conviction that you can do EVERYTHING right, and in this economy, with hiring manager attitudes of “I can wait until Superman shows up”, you’re screwed.



How to Identify and Secure Top Talent Before Your Competitors Grab ‘Em!

** What are HR and hiring managers reading?  Read that too.

5 Ways To Source Tomorrow’s Top Talent

** Where are companies looking?  Be there.

Every Great Interview Starts With One Question

** What might you be asked?  This is a good one!  And if I’m ever interviewing someone I’ll have to make a point to ask it.



5 common salary negotiation mistakes

** It’s a black art.  Ultimately, you’re “worth” what someone is willing to pay you.

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