Article aggregate March 20, 2014

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The Secret To A Successful Interview

** Makes an excellent point!

Why You Need to Keep Your Profile, Brand and Resume Up to Date

** You are utterly expendable.  Be prepared to be dumped at a moment’s notice.  For any reason whatsoever.

How to Create a Reader-Based Cover Letter and Résumé

** It’s not about you, it’s what you can do for an employer.

When Does the Interview Actually ‘Begin?’ Part 1

** Read this; weep.  Then again, this young man in the story probably wouldn’t last long anyway…



Overqualified Doesn’t Mean Out of the Running If You Follow These Suggestions

** No, you are not out of the running, but you need to get to the root of their concern – and fast.  Like I wrote:

The “O” Word



How to Get Referred and Get Hired

** Quote: “And did you know, referred candidates are twice as likely to get interviewed and have a 40% chance of getting hired over other candidates (according to the New York Times)?”

“No” may not be final!

** As long as you did well, try and stay in touch.  Share value.  Show continued interest in them as an employer.

8 ways to make a better impression while networking

** And 9, help others in a pay-it-forward mode.

The Networking Strategy that Will Help Find Your Next Job

** I may need to try this.  The issue is that in the technical field, people tend to be introverts…

Key to Job Search Success: Your 30 Second Elevator Speech

** A critical tool in networking; right along side this, which is about yourself, you need to actively help others.

7 Ways To Look Confident When Networking

** Fake it until you make it.



How to Write a Cover Letter That Will Get You an Interview

** And always keep in mind – what’s in it for them?



The New Resume Rules [infographic] – Friday Distraction

** You should have several resumes; one for the ATS, and one for when you interact with a person.

How a Well-Crafted Summary Can Take Your Resume from Boring to Stellar

** Interesting – and I agree, you need to have attention-grabbing numbers right up top.

What’s the best CV layout: Chronological or Functional?

** There is no “right” answer, but if you use a functional resume, odds are high people will think you are hiding something.



Talking about Your Ideal Work Environment

** An interesting question; I’ve been asked about an ideal job, but not an ideal environment.

Interviewing the Interviewer!

** Like having a conversation.  But I’ve been on interviews where you can barely get an answer out before you’re being pummeled with another question.

“Why has it taken you so long to find a job.”

** Must… control… sarcastic… answer.

If You’ve Ever Been Fired, Don’t Make This Interview Mistake

** If you need to vent, invite a friend over and get sloshed while doing it.  Get it out of your system.



Professional LinkedIn Profile Tips: A Checklist of 17 Must-Have Items

** Not sure I agree with everything, but definitely worth reading.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Avoiding interview cliches

** Quote: “Employers will always be attracted to ambitious candidates – after all, nobody wants an employee who feels apathetic about their job. That said, you need to be realistic in terms of how quickly you can rise through the ranks.”  Wait, what – you might as well say “I’ll be gunning for your chair, Mr. Boss, soon enough.”

How To Best Showcase Your Skills With Social Media

** Google+.  *grumble*

5 Pieces of LinkedIn Advice You Haven’t Heard Yet–interview-advice/4001/5-pieces-of-linkedin-advice-you-havent-heard-yet

** Above all be professional.  There’s a fine line here.  At some point I think – and practice the thought – that you need to let a little of your personality out.  But don’t let it all out.

These 24 Tools Will Blast Your Brand To the Next Level

** All interesting – but what is short-term sizzle and what is actual steak?



Should You Add a “Current” Job on LinkedIn When You’re Unemployed?

** Do something.  Even if it’s “just” volunteering.

Managers Reveal: The Difference Between Job Search Persistent and Pest

** There’s a very, very fine line between the two.

Straight Talk from a Recruiter: 2 easy techniques to increase your chances of being hired–interview-advice/4248/straight-talk-from-a-recruiter-2-easy-techniques-to-increase-your-chances-of-being-hired

** Agree.  Customize your resume, and follow up.  Just remember, there is a fine line between persistent and pest.  It helps, especially as you touch base with the hiring manager, to share information that could be useful to them.



How Social Recruiters Can Find Candidates: Best Practices

** Want to be caught?  Know where people are fishing, and what they’re using.

How to Find the Right Person for the Right Job [3 Hiring Myths Busted!]

** What are interviewers and recruiters reading?



15 Rules for Negotiating a Job Offer

** Solid advice.

How Not to Negotiate Your Next Job

** A friend of mine recently lost his job, and got an offer.  The salary was lower but not unworkable, but he was tempted to reject it because it didn’t come close to his vacation-time requirements.  I told him to try for another week and a thousand more in salary; nothing more.  These are not days where candidates have a lot of leverage… or when opportunities that are viable are common.

How to Answer ” What are your salary expectations? – TheEmployable Interview Tips.

** One thing I want is some specific training.  It’ll help them, but help strengthen me too if I need to look again.

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