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The Top Ten Signs You Might Be a Taker

** Networking is as much about helping others as it is about helping yourself. Share a job lead. Post an article. Reach out to someone. Smile. Make an effort to help one more person in a day than you already do.

7 Reasons You Didn’t Land The Job–interview-advice/1640/7-reasons-you-didnt-land-the-job

** I agree with these points, but all but the last point at the candidate. There needs to be an additional one: the hiring manager is so focused on the perfect fit that they’re ignoring people who are perfectly capable because they’re only a 90% fit.

How to get people to say ‘yes’ – the science of persuasion

** Video. And very interesting!

Beware! A Majority of Job References Don’t Say Good Things

** The “care and feeding of references” is absolutely critical.

What is “The Perfect Fit”?

** MY ESSAY, MY THOUGHTS… on “The Undercover Recruiter”! Wow!

What to Change If You’re Getting Interviews But No Job Offers

** I got a lot from going to an interview coach. There were definitely some things I was doing wrong.






Get a job at the company you want

** And this is where networking can be incredibly powerful.

Get Ahead During Your Lunch Hour

** Working through lunch is fine in a crisis. But… it’s also necessary to give your brain a break. And it’s an excellent opportunity to develop your network by building relationships.

Why Isn’t Social Networking Getting Me a Job???

** Social networking can help you develop new contacts, but it’s when you get to know them in person, and vice versa, that networking magic happens.






Writing a cover letter – what to include and mistakes to avoid

** Not sure I agree with their comment about the purpose of a cover letter. IMHO the purpose of a cover letter is to entice them to read, not skim, your resume.






4 Reasons for Career Gaps and How to Handle Them on Your Resume

** A question: If you got let go (for whatever reason), I’m cynical: would an employer really buy “I was working on family issues”?

How to make a great video CV

** This seems to be at odds with the idea of not even putting a picture on your information – to avoid the possibility of discrimination. Another article on videos:

Video: Making your application stand out from the crowd–interview-advice/4259/video-making-your-application-stand-out-from-the-crowd

** I’m white, male, and a Conservative Jew; I wear a yarmulke. If you’re not comfortable with that, I don’t want to work for you anyway.

Career Changers: How to Write a Skills-Based Resume

** The issue is simple – such resumes tend to be viewed with suspicion unless your so clearly changing that it makes sense to do it this way.






#1 Interview Question You Must Answer Correctly

** You have worth; you just need to communicate that.

Prepare for behavioral interviews

** Practice telling stories; get a list of common BI questions and have answers.

Hiring Managers Want to Know: “What Problem Can You Solve?”

** And there is the trick – knowing what the problems are.

How to answer weird interview questions

** While there are certainly insights to glean from these, I suspect that part of the reason these are asked is to rattle candidates.

The Best Behavioural Questions To Help You Nail Your Next Interview

** Just musing: I wonder what interviewers would think if candidates asked this kind of question back at them. E.g., “Tell me about a time a subordinate was right and you were wrong.”

What not to do in the interview

** Acted like a Star Trek character??






Tweet your way to a job: using social media to develop your career

** Ultimately, it show’s you have some level of “tech savvy”.

Should you hunt for a job using social media?

** Your approach needs to be multi-pronged, but don’t blog thinking that people will suddenly beat a path to your door. Use blogging, tweeting, etc., to build a consistent presence and show your expertise.






Top Job Search Mistakes

** Just as there is no “perfect job” there is no “perfect candidate”. Related:

5 Job Search Tactics You Must Stop Immediately

** All good.

6 Ways to Differentiate Yourself and Build a Standout Career

** Note the very first point: this is critical. And not just relationships in the company you are at, but at companies where you’d like to work.

Tattoos and Your Job Prospects

** Especially for younger job seekers.

Systemic Discrimination in Hiring – The Cultural Fit!

** Fit is important. So is ability.

Manipulate Through Mind Reading. Advanced Interview Techniques–interview-advice/4271/manipulate-through-mind-reading-advanced-interview-techniques

** I like the body-reading tips.

The Soft Skills All Employers Seek

** What can you do to show these?






3 Important Qualities for the Future of Applicant Tracking Systems

** OK. Who is up for reverse engineering ATS programs to figure out how to get around them? Of course, the best “get around” is to network to a live person, develop a relationship, and then they can be an advocate for you.

How to Screen Potential Candidates Online [Top 7 Tips]

** What will they be looking for as they vet you online?

Tips for Writing a Succinct Brand Bio

** I just had to write a bio for a guest essay that hopefully will be coming out soon!

Struggling To Get The Right Person On Board – Follow These Social Media Rules–follow-these-social-media-rules

** How are employers looking for you on SM?






Career Experts Share Tips for Negotiating the Salary You Want

** Not much new here, but worth reviewing.

Negotiate Your Salary Like a Pro

** Ultimately, in this economy, you don’t have a lot of leverage. Negotiate with this in mind.


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