Photo Essay: Nonna’s chocolate roll cake.

On a day when I have to not eat breakfast (blood work)… I find this post. *sigh*

(documented) by jess

One of the big motivations behind putting together my cookbook was to actually record and preserve some of my family’s recipes. We’re Italian, which means two things – the food is delicious, and recipes are rarely written down. They’re just remembered, somehow.

One of the recipes I really wanted to learn to bake myself and ensure was recorded was my great grandmother’s chocolate roll cake. It’s my dad’s favourite, and he has some really fond memories around this cake. I was really excited when my auntie (dad’s sister) offered to show me the ropes and take me through the whole procedure.

It took us the best part of the day, but we finally got the whole recipe down on paper, and I got some really beautiful photos in the process. If you’d like the recipe, you’ll have to buy the book, I can’t reveal it all here! But I…

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2 thoughts on “Photo Essay: Nonna’s chocolate roll cake.

    1. I snagged breakfast right after, so no worries.

      Check out tomorrow’s anti-diet picture. 😉

      Last night I made a spicy vegetable / sausage creamy-base soup. Okra, tomatoes, mushrooms, onion, garlic, turkey sausage… and generous black pepper and cayenne. Baby light my fire. (It’s an old family recipe I dreamed up on the fly.)

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