Article Aggregate 7-11-2014

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Recruiters: Hire More Drinkers!

** Interesting acronym – and worth reading.

The interviewer asks: “Why has it taken you so long to find a job?”

** I recently had this asked. My answer? “Because hiring managers believe that the purple squirrel is real, and are waiting for it to cross their path.”

Want Employers to Notice You? Make It All About Them

** They’re not in it to give you a job; they’re in it to solve a problem. Be the solution.

Are you Unemployed or Unemployable?

** Attitude counts. Networking also counts.

Handy hints: five handshakes to avoid at interviews

** Beware the dead fish handshake, and more.






Why You Need To Get Your Resume To The Employer First

** Thus highlighting, yet again, the need to network in BEFORE there are openings.






How Late Night TV Can Help Your Career

** Unless you’re like me – needing 8 hours of sleep a night to be functional.

Why Networking Must Be More Than An Event

** You never know. I heard of a six-figure job being landed because of a conversation in a grocery store check-out line.

5 Reasons You Should Network With People Who AREN’T In Your Industry

** You never know who’s coworker’s neighbor’s poker buddy is the one person you need to mee.

Networking is not a “One Hit Wonder”

** It is about building relationships based on trust and helping others.






Slacking on your cover letter? I wouldn’t hire you.

** A cover letter has one purpose – to get your resume read.

8 Cover Letter Tips for Graduates with No Job Experience

** Not just for recent graduates!

6 Ways to Ensure The Cover Letter You Write Is Read

** A cover letter has only one purpose: get your resume read. It is a marketing document for your resume.






5 Little Resume Tweaks Employers Are Begging For

** While there’s some good stuff here, I am a little dubious about a major reformatting. With most companies using ATS to receive and file resumes, you don’t want to screw up the system. Now, if you’re actually communicating with a real person who is likely to really-and-truly read your resume, these make a lot more sense.

Applicant tracking systems – the hidden peril for job applicants

** Perils for companies too, who might be missing out on excellent candidates.

How To Edit Your Overqualified Resume

** I see a problem with this. If you’re looked at by a human, they’ll cross-check with your LinkedIn profile; if you have multiple “dumbed-down” resumes out there, this creates a situation were your resume will not match your profile… which is a NO NO per the conventional wisdom these days.

Top Thing Most People Forget To Include On Their Resume

** What did you DO, not what were your duties.






The Strengths-Based Interview – How To Prepare–interview-advice/2472/the-strengths-based-interview–how-to-prepare

** A new trend in interviewing.

How to Ace the Interview and Secure Your Dream Job [INFOGRAPHIC]

** An excellent overview; there’s a lot to good interview prep.

13 Unexpected Tips For A Successful Job Interview

** All interesting; I’d add to the point about avoiding ice water because it might make your hand cold and clammy. And refine #7 by reading this:

How to turn yourself into a winning job candidate

** An essay I wrote that was liked so much someone else reblogged it.

How to Answer the Most Common Interview Question?

** A very interesting perspective on a very common question.

11 Reasons Graduates Lose Out on Jobs [SLIDES]

** Aimed at new grads, but there’s a lot there that’s “good stuff” for everyone.






Highly Effective Ways to Build an Online Personal Brand

** And be consistent from one venue to another.

Key to the Successful Modern Job Search: Social Proof

** Is what you put out there consistent with your resume?

Do you monitor your personal brand?

** If you don’t, you should.






Ultimate Technique To Being Indispensable

** I will cynically observe that you can be completely indispensible… until they want you gone – which can have absolutely nothing to do with your performance or interactions.

Unqualified for the Job? Sell Yourself in 4 Ways

** The absolute central element to this is person-to-person communication through networking.

Mind your manners: how to impress at a lunch interview

** Written from a UK perspective, but still very applicable to the US. And two tidbits I learned elsewhere: 1) don’t season your food before tasting it (salt/pepper), and 2) when using utensils, start at the outside and work your way inward. And I’ll add 3) treat the waiter as though they were part of the interview team.

10 Articles Recruiters Shared The Most This Week

** This is new… and worth looking at.






How To Legally Research An Interview Candidate

** Vetting people through social media is just begging for some standards to be set. Gee, that sounds familiar:

Social Media Vetting: Proposed Standards (Long)






Conquering Salary Question Fears

** This is always a difficult issue.

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