Article Aggregate 8-8-2014 – TGIF Edition

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7 Ways To Sniff Out The REAL Company Culture

** Number 8: Go to trade groups and ask around; most companies have a reputation.

E-mail Etiquette Matters During Your Career Search

** And if you’re venting, remember that your email can get forwarded far and wide.

The full lowdown on ATS systems

** ATS portals are going to become ever-more popular; it’s important to understand them – plusses, minuses, and how to get through them (and, also, network around them).

How do you distinguish yourself from the other candidates?

** More often than not it’s perceived “fit”.



Birthday Damage Control for Older Workers

** I’d go the humor route, but then – to me – almost everything is funny.

Defeat Ageism at Work

** I find it ironic: hiring managers are so obsessed with job-hopping, yet focus on hiring those who are the most likely to job hop. I recently was phone-interviewed for a position that would be, literally, 15 minutes from my house. That was an ENORMOUS thing for me… and I made mention of it. Not even worth bringing me in for a conversation.



5 Ways to Help Your Network Help You–interview-advice/4568/5-ways-to-help-your-network-help-you

** The power of networking is not just in introductions, but in having multiple eyes keeping a lookout for you.

How To Stop Being Random With Your Networking Efforts

** I heartily endorse “networking conversations” (not interviews, that’s a loaded word); at issue is the fact that people are so insanely busy they don’t have time to do them with prospective networkers.

8 secrets to steal from power networkers

** Very good.



How to Create a Reader-Based Cover Letter and Résumé

** The bar is higher.

Top 10 Tips For A Great Cover Letter–interview-advice/4582/top-10-tips-for-a-great-cover-letter

** All good, but especially the point about not using duplicate cover letters. (Or, after an interview, duplicate thank you notes.)

Three excellent cover letter examples

** Very helpful to have actual examples; just don’t copy them.

Add A Little ‘Fire’ To Your Cover Letter

** Remember, a cover letyer is nothing more than an enticement to get someone to read your resume.



3 Tips For Flaunting Your Value On Your Resume

** How can you catch a reader’s attention – and get them to wonder what you could do for them?

#1 Solution For Nasty Employment Gaps On Your Resume

** Quote: “Due to globally competing economies, and also particularly due to the big crisis a few years ago, having employment gaps is becoming more and more the ‘new normal’.” Some good stuff, but I strongly disagree with this one sentence. Like some years ago, the advice I was given by an outplacement firm was that companies “understand” that downsizings, layoffs, and even firings are a new normal. But the rubber-meets-the-road attitude of hiring managers gives lie to both of these IMHO.



Ace the Group Interview

** Some interesting tactics.

How To Dress For A Business Professional Interview

** Your success or failure will depend, in a large part, on the visual impression you give in the first few seconds of your meeting people. Related (admittedly from the UK):

Dress to impress: what to wear for a job interview

** Classic clothes don’t go out of style. I have a lot of attention-getting ties to be memorable in a networking situation; an interview is not such a situation.

5 Ways to Make a Good First Impression at a Job Interview

** And my personal advice: be standing and dynamic whenever someone enters the room. When person N leaves, get up, stretch, and when the person N+1 comes in, dynamically approach them.

What You Can Learn About a Potential Job from the Hiring Process–interview-advice/4578/what-you-can-learn-about-a-potential-job-from-the-hiring-process

** Trust your gut; every time I’ve ignored my instinctive reactions I’ve paid for it. If anything about the people, or how you are treated, raises your hackles – pay attention.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected in a Job Interview

** Preparation is always good, but there are an infinite number of unexpected questions; you can’t prep for them all.



Job Seekers: This is How You Do Social Media Right

** You need to be aware of SM and use it.

Are You Making The Top 3 LinkedIn Profile Errors?

** Probably.

How To Get Employers To Take Your Brand Seriously

** Ultimately, any job seeker first has to be a marketer and sales person.

4 Best Tools For Creating Online Portfolios

** Which reminds me, I need to get working on mine.

Build Your Personal Brand on Twitter in Minutes a Day

** I think this strongly depends on what your planned job is.



The Necessary Art of Persuasion

** What are you doing in any contact with a potential employer if not attempting to persuade them?



The Strange, Difficult Questions CEOs Ask in Job Interviews

** Not just questions, but insights into WHY they ask these questions – which is very useful.

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