Article Aggregate Aug 11, 2014 – Monday Edition

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15 Job Search Etiquette Tips

** Good basic elements!

How to Be the Candidate Who Stands Out From the Rest

** Missed one: adding value. Bringing to mind my essay:

Differentiate Yourself in an Interview: Beyond Your Background

** Incidentally, this essay has been republished – with a little editing – by!






Job Search Tips When You Are Over 40

** With a link to:







What To Bring To Networking Events and Conferences

** VERY good. The one thing I’ll change is his advice on business cards; after you move away from the person, make a few notes, then put it in a different pocket than your cards so you don’t draw someone else’s out by accident when ready to give a card to the next person.

The Job Applicant Hierarchy – Who Really Gets the Job? [by Marc Shaeffer]

** One of the big hesitation-factors is risk. Having a referral by a person known to the hiring manager, and cultivating a relationship over time, can dramatically lower that perception of risk. Thus, network network network.

What to do in an effective networking call!

** It’s about growing your network. I like the “trail of breadcrumbs” analogy.

These 10 Old School Networking Tips Are Still Important Today

** The basics don’t change.

9 Networking Groups You Should Join

** A good starter list!






9 traits of a professional resume and thoughts on Italian food

** Some interesting parallels, and good lessons.

45 Power Adverbs to Sprinkle in Your Resume

** Impact! But remember, these cannot replace numbers.

9 Things That Should Never Be on Your Resume

** I commented. (And an observation… what is it about the number 9?”

How to Manage Resume Challenges

** Remember, a resume is a marketing document.






How to nail the phone interview

** Good stuff from across the pond.

5 Tips To Help You Master A Second Job Interview

** Very good article if you can get to this stage. If you’re in a second interview, you’re on the “short list” – time to press the advantage.

3 Reasons Why Table Manners Matter to Prospective Employers

** And watch how the interviewers treat the waiter; it’s an indication of how they’ll treat you. (And vice versa – they’re watching the same thing.)

How To Handle Terminations In An Interview

** It will come up. Have an answer prepared – and rehearsed! You need to give enough information to answer, not enough to hang yourself, and never with rancor.

Did You Nail the Interview—or Fail It? Here’s How to Tell

** An interesting tell-tale.






Straight Talk From a Recruiter: LinkedIn is Essential for Your Job Search–interview-advice/4541/straight-talk-from-a-recruiter-linkedin-is-essential-for-your-job-search

** Having a LI profile is a necessary condition these days. Not sufficient, of course, but necessary. Companies will “wonder about you” if you don’t have this.

What’s the best way to write your LinkedIn Profile?

** The truly important take-away is that there is no one, perfect answer.

What Does Your Social Media Profile Say About You?


** I thought the comment about “You’re Bland” was very interesting.






What You Wish You Knew BEFORE Taking the Job [Infographic]

** Culture, especially, is critical. If you have the luxury of time, seek out people who USED TO work there (through LinkedIn), and attend trade groups – companies have reputations.

Can your personality get you the job or a promotion?

** Some interesting statistics; I especially endorse the humor one.

Exactly How Honest Should You Be During a Job Search?

** There’s a fine line between candor and brutal.

Overcoming the “Unemployed Bias”

** Too many still view unemployment as a stigma. But this is definitely worth reading.

25 Acts of Email Cruelty

** Definitely guilty of a few of these. Unfortunately.

I Took The Wrong Job

** Ask the Headhunter shares ideas about vetting a company before accepting an offer.






Interviews: 5 Signs The Candidate Really Wants The Job

** Insights into what interviewers might be looking for.

Recruiters: Why You Should Background Check [INFOGRAPHIC]

** If you have something in your background that will be found, better to bring it out proactively IMHO.

How to Spot a Fantastic Creative Candidate [Top 3 Traits]

** Three very good tips; the trick with the last two – which are at odds – is when to be what.

10 Reasons Why I Ignored Your Resume

** Some interesting perspective from a hiring manager.

5 Resume and Interview Red Flags Recruiters Won’t Ignore

** As a baseline, don’t have these waving!






The Starting Salary Question

** It’s a black art.

Addressing the Salary History Issue for Your New Mid-Life Career Job

** Opinions differ on when to discuss, and when to reveal a number.

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