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8 Traits More Important Than Your Resume [Infographic]

** All good points; your resume may get you in the door to meet, but these things will be what seal the deal. And in reference to Integrity, have stories that highlight it at-hand. To wit:

Check the Foundation First

4 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn as a Market Intelligence Tool

** It’s not just a way to attract attention! And related:

How to Leverage Your LinkedIn Competitors






What You Should Know About the 50+ Job Market

** Quote: “Freedman and Irving believe managers will also wise up to the usefulness of hiring and keeping men and women who are 50+.” I will cynically opine that these managers will be overruled by those eager to hire two “young bucks” willing to work insane hours of casual OT for the same price.

Age Discrimination and How to Overcome It

** Some interesting tactics to attempt to short-circuit ageism.

10 Good Reasons You Should Be Hiring Overqualified Candidates

** Written for people in hiring positions, but good perspective to see how you can preemptively head off “The ‘O’ Word”.






7 Ways to Attract Recruiters on LinkedIn

** Recruiters – both corporate and agency – are scouring LI for people. Related:

Grab Employer Interest (and LinkedIn Traffic) with Your Success Stories

** Get them to open your profile, and entice them to look around.

Don’t Play These Games with Recruiters

** Some very important don’t-do things.

Skill Gap Stats: 9 Reasons To Thank Recruiters

** I still maintain the only shortages are: 1) a willingness-to-train gap, and 2) a willingness to pay a first-world salary for first-world candidates.






6 Ways Your Professional Network Can Help You–interview-advice/4618/6-ways-your-professional-network-can-help-you

** Help others help you.

Networking: The Secret of Successful Military-to-Civilian Transition

** Realistically, the success to ANY transition.

Networking Tips For Introverts: Get The Ball Rolling!

** Attend Toastmasters. It’s a VERY supportive group for people wanting to learn how to develop public-speaking skills and become comfortable interacting with others.






‘Activate’ Your Cover Letter

** Remember – a cover letter has only one purpose: to entice a reader to read your resume.






3 Ways To Include Testimonials On Your Resume

** Not sure about this; I have one, but it sounds a little… weird.

Resume Facts You May Not Be Aware Of–interview-advice/4640/resume-facts-you-may-not-be-aware-of

** Some interesting statistics, including “[O]n average, 250 resumes are received for each job posting. First applications arrive 200 seconds after a job is posted.”

Before You Write Your Resume

** Essentially, highlighting the need to customize your resume for each submission.

6 Secrets to Writing a Concise Resume Recruiters Will Read






10 Questions YOU Need to Ask at a Job Interview–interview-advice/4610/10-questions-you-need-to-ask-at-a-job-interview

** Some good ones. I especially like 6 and 10.

Closing the Deal – The Wrong Way to Go in Interviews–interview-advice/4607/closing-the-deal—the-wrong-way-to-go-in-interviews

** Absolutely, the focus needs to be on what you can do for them. The better you can communicate that, the better. To wit:

How to turn yourself into a winning job candidate


How to respond to common interview questions

** Just remember, there is not “set-piece formula”.

What Are Your Weaknesses?

** I used to have a very “flip” – and what I thought was disarmingly funny – answer… until I got told it was NOT a good answer, and a turn-off. Get outside opinions on this.

The Questions Managers Want You to Ask During a Job Interview

** Some very good questions to ask on an interview.

Interviewing at Your Best: Landing the Job Before You Walk in the Door–interview-advice/2896/interviewing-at-your-best-landing-the-job-before-you-walk-in-the-door

** Plan ahead. And they reaffirm something I’ve said many times: that if you are in their office, they believe – based on your resume – that you are able to do the job. Still to be answered: “Does this guy walk his talk?”, “Will you do the job?”, and “Will you fit in?”

Responding to “What kind of games do you like to play?” on interviews

** Even in grad school I liked Dungeons and Dragons (nerd alert!); why? Because it required creativity, adaptability, teamwork, and the ability handle unanticipated situations.






How to Take Your LinkedIn Profile to the Next Level

** #10 is especially critical; potential employers WILL cross-check.

9 LinkedIn Profile Picture FAILS

** Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

How to Be a Successful LinkedIn Groupie

** The key term is “relevant information”. Do I post my blogposts to groups en masse? Yes. But I try to do them to relevant groups.

14 Things That Impact The Quality Of Your Personal Brand

** Boiled down: any time you interact, in any way, with another person or send any communications out. And, IMHO, it’s possible to so over-obsess about this you curl into a ball of self-doubt.

5 Personal Branding Resume Techniques You Must Try

** Interesting ideas.

5 Things Employers Want to See When They Google You

** Get friends to help you search SM to identify potential issues.






4 Steps For Developing A Winning Elevator Pitch

** The whole point is to pique interest to open a conversation.

5 Tips For Acing Your First Few Weeks At A New Job

** Once you get the offer, it’s not over. You need to survive there.

What Are Hiring Managers Looking For?

** A little frightening if this is really a broad picture of how things work!

What to Do If You Can’t Find a Job after Graduation–interview-advice/4502/what-to-do-if-you-cant-find-a-job-after-graduation

** New graduate alert!

How to Handle a Psychometric Test

** Any test can be “gamed”; this reduces the benefit of the test. Additionally, it is – IMHO of course – laziness to defer a hiring decision to a test rather than basing it on the human element of an in-person discussion.






5 Good Places to Find Good Candidates – For Free

** Looking to be caught? Be where they’re fishing.

Use the 1-Question Interview to Assess the #1 Trait of Success

** Sometimes I like this guy; sometimes I don’t.

Only You Can Prevent Poorest Hires!

** I commented.

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