Article Aggregate November 6, 2014

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Note: About Me and the kind of places I’m looking for work. And some background on why I put the effort into this kind of thing.




Being selfish and 3 other important ways to lead a successful job search

** Among other things, you have to make time.

Are You Ready???

** Some very good advice across a broad spectrum, especially if you’re just into a job search.

Networking: One Question To Ask Your Friends Today – It Could Get You A Job!

** I thought this was a fascinating piece. Why? A hiring freeze, yet the company has open positions on their site. People have spoken for years about “ghost positions”… this just reinforces the need to network, network, network to hiring managers who, when faced with a need, will think of you first.

10 Things the Most Likeable People Consistently Do

** Remember, more than half of the reason you get hired – or not – is how well they like you and think you’ll “fit”.






Over 40? Here’s what potential employers are thinking about you – and what to do about it…

** Video. 7 minutes.

Why You Should Hire Older Workers

** Some great material to use in your networking conversations, to get you in the door, and in an interview to pre-empt ageism objections. But… in this day and age where “youth and enthusiasm” is willing to work for cheap, you need to show your value.






The Worst Face-To-Face Networking Mistake

** Video, and very good. 4 minutes.

Want More Work Contacts? Try The 80/20 Rule For Unselfish Networking

** I endorse this 117 ¼ %.

17 Networking Reminders We Could All Use

** Slideshow. I was amused by “Don’t tweet anything you hear after midnight.” Though if you recorded it, that could be entertaining! 😉





How To Customize A Cover Letter For A Specific Job Opening

** There is no such thing as a “stock” cover letter.

Back To The Basics: Writing A Cover Letter

** Short, concise, to the point. It needs to be long enough to include what you need to say, but short enough to make it interesting.






5 Ways To Make Your Resume Visually Appealing

** They’re breeding. You need an ATS resume, you need to customize for each job, you need a visual resume for humans… getting hard to keep track.

5 Tips For Writing An Amazing Resume

** Some fundamentals; an open question, though, is how to help a reader see the transferrable skills explicitly.

5 Reasons Your Resume Will Never Get Read

** Remember, your resume is nothing more than a marketing document to get you an interview. Period.

HR Execs Reveal The 13 Most Common Resume Blunders

** Remember that the first-pass examination is to weed you out. And the second pass. And the third pass.

What Recruiters Look At In The 6 Seconds They Spend On Your Résumé

** A good format helps. But this, again, only highlights the need to make a personal connection, through networking and referrals, to someone willing to take the time to really look at it.

The Best Hobbies and Interests for your CV

** Not sure a resume/CV is the best place for this, but… if you have room, it can show a picture of a broader you – and be a measure of your character.






How To Nail The 2nd Interview

** I like the idea of saying “In my first interview, I said that… I’d like to clarify/expand on my initial answer…”

How to Use Body Language to Score Big in a Job Interview [INFOGRAPHIC]

** A lot of the information we get about another is visual (statistics vary). Understand that and you’ll have a huge leg up.

5 Things That Drive Interviewers Totally Nuts

** Good points; I will carp a little about arrival time. I will aim to be early, like 30 minutes early. I’ll then drive by the place, find a gas station or something, and park there.

6 Reasons You Didn’t Get the Job (That No One Will Ever Tell You)

** I think the real message here is that while you can be “over the top” in any number of ways that turn off, remember that it’s very, very subjective.

20 Ways To Ruin Your Chances During A Job Interview

** Some of these are facepalm inducing.

How to talk about your strengths in an interview

** Nobody else will sell yourself like you can; but there’s a fine line between confident and arrogant, and that line varies from person to person. As the conclusion says, what they’re really looking for is self-awareness and self-assessment.

You Don’t Get What You Don’t Ask For

** If you want the job, don’t forget to voice your enthusiasm for it.

How To Write A Thank You Note After Your Interview

** The interview is not over until you’ve written your thank you notes.






Using Facebook Strategically for a Job Search – 7 Ways to start now

** I’m not sure that Facebook is the best venue, but if it works for you – go for it.

The Complete Guide to Building Your Personal Brand

** Hints, with links to more information.

How to Boost Your Online Content

** Traffic, baby.

Connecting personal branding, your online network, and business value

** It’s all about having people know about you.






How to Customize a Cover Letter and Résumé

** I disagree with Marcia’s emphasis on getting through the ATS; I do agree with the overall tone and commentary!

The Rise of the Rude Hiring Manager

** Not helpful per se, but it does show the attitudinal shift in how candidates (and employees in general) are viewed these days. If nothing else it shows you that you are not alone!

6 Reasons Why Employers AREN’T Calling You

** I can vouch for verifying your email address is correct. At one point, somehow, my email on my resume switched from .net to .com. Fortunately, someone called me citing bounced emails.

How To Increase Your Skill Set Without Going Back To College

** Education is good; I worry that “too much” education can be perceived as being overqualified. (E.g., I have two Masters and am pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Six Sigma; will I, by continuing my education, place myself out of bounds?)

What to Put on Your Resume When You Have No Relevant Work Experience

** Especially good for new graduates, and for those transitioning to a new career.

Make it memorable: use psychology to help your job applications stand out

** People like people like them.

How Public is Your Private Information? [INFOGRAPHIC]

** As I understand it, is infamous for being a source of ID theft. Be careful what you “put out there”.






4 questions to ask before hiring your first employee

** Specific, but some general thoughts that you can answer in an interview.

The No. 1 Mistake People I Interview Are Making These Days

** A lack of follow-up.

How to wage, and win, the war for talent

** Reading what the “other side” is reading.

Want a Guaranteed Offer Acceptance – Always Know What the Candidate is Thinking

** You need to know about working with recruiters; what are they looking for? And related:

How to Work With a Recruiter

** I know Nancy; I’ve met her in person, and she’s put me in to several companies.






How To List Your Salary Requirements In A Cover Letter

** Picking a target range is a black art. And my experience with sites like are that they tend to be high… but not always.

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