Job Search Article Aggregate (November 18, 2014)

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Note: About Me and the kind of places I’m looking for work. And some background on why I put the effort into this kind of thing.






Employers Care About More Than Competence

** They have a “pain”; if you can find out what that is, and show how you are the solution, that’s huge.

Top 7 Qualities Employers are Looking for in Candidates

** Enlightening, but some of these seem contradictory and awfully subjective.

Can you spot the illegal interview question?

** At issue is the fact that if you protest this kind of question, you run the risk of being knocked out of the running.

Job Search Paralysis? Here are 5 Tips to Get You Back in the Game

** Take a pause to look at what you’re doing, and then get back into the fray.

How to “Wow” today’s recruiters

** Wow, indeed.

Overcoming the “Unemployed Bias”

** Worth the read though I disagree. There is an ENORMOUS bias against people who are out of work, especially if you’ve passed the six month mark. Do not, absolutely do not, believe otherwise.






Told You’re ‘Over-Qualified’? 5 Words To Change The Employer’s Mind

** What you need to do, if told this, is drill – hard. Find out what the real objection is:

The “O” Word

** It’s generally one of three reasons. And if you can, pre-emptively strike:

The “O” Word 2

** Understand the mental game a hiring manager is playing, and change the rules.

Darth Vader’s Guide to an Intergalactic Career Change CV [INFOGRAPHIC]

** Funny, but some lessons in there too.

Career transitions past 55 don’t have to be difficult

** I believe this is a feel-good pump-up; ageism is out there, and is rampant. Why? Because young people don’t have outside interests to distract them, they come cheap, and they are willing to work crazy hours.

Managing the Age Issue with Recruiters: Age as an Asset or a Liability

** Some very specific recommendations.

What’s the real cost of ageism?

** What arguments here can you use?






The #1 Most Overlooked Reason Why People Can’t Find Jobs

** Highlighting, yet again, the need to network, network, network.

How to Ask a Friend to Put in a Good Word for You at a Job

** At issue, though, is this: is your friend vouching for your character because you and they are friends, or vouching for your abilities because they’ve seen you work? It’s not a small difference.

12 Rules of Highly Effective Networkers

** Endorse. Highly.

Networking to find a job? Focus on being generous

** Put money in your “networking bank account” by helping others.

Stop networking. This is better.

** It’s all about building relationships, and for the long term.

Catching an Employer’s Attention: Inside Contacts

** A parallel approach is definitely the way to go.






The Pain Letter: The Best Way to Write a Cover Letter That Gets Results

** Companies hire because they have a problem that their current staff can’t solve. What is it? And then, can you present yourself as the solution?

Why I Care More About Your Cover Letter Than Your Resume

** Some very strong points about the importance of a cover letter.

Why You Still Need A Cover Letter, Even If No One Reads It

** If it’s there, it might make a difference or not. But if it’s not there and they want one – File 13.

7 Examples Of Fresh New Ways To Start Your Cover Letter

** Some novel approaches.






What Is the Best Resume Font, Size and Format? [INFOGRAPHIC]

** Best for what? The ATS? The human reader of your ATS-submitted resume? Or the human reader you managed to contact who is willing to read your resume?

How To Create An Infographic Resume That Doesn’t Repel Hiring Managers/

** Definitely a supplement, not a replacement.

How to Handle Gaps on your CV

** IMHO, if you have a gap that you can’t hide… be proactive. If you give, say, 80% of the information to answer the question, often they won’t ask for the remaining 20%. If you wait until they ask, they’ll dig, and dig hard. (Coming up with that 80% answer is one place where you need outside help.)

The Resume Section That Matters More Than You’d Think

** An interesting idea.






What’s with the phone interview before the actual job interview?

** Good insights into the phone screen.

5 answers for job seekers

** Interesting perspectives.

5 Common Interviewer Objections and How to Deal with Them

** This is worth reading – really good. The trick is to find out what objections they have without actually asking what objections they have. Which brings up:

Am I A Fit?

** I use this. It works.

Setting the Record Straight on Job Interviews

** An interesting read, but… the job market now belongs to candidates? Seriously? And companies now “understand” if you have a firing in your past? Seriously? Worth reading but given these two claims I’d read it with a big grain of salt handy.

How To: Follow Up After a Job Interview

** Follow up. There’s a fine line between persistent and pest, however.

How to Get More Job Interviews – Basic Tips

** Sniper shots, not shotgun – definitely.

5 clever ways to prepare for a job interview

** Some very good ways to get background info.

Would I Hire You? My Top 5 Interview Questions

** Excellent insights into some great interview questions.

20 toughest job interview questions asked this year.

** I understand the desire to test candidates’ reasoning ability. These are, IMHO, pushing it.

How to Make a Great First Impression at the Interview

** Very good. The interview can be over before you’ve said more than “Nice to meet you.”

What You Should Know Before Your Job Interview – INFOGRAPHIC

** Some good and easily assimilated information.

How To: Impress in Your Interview Presentation–interview-advice/4633/how-to-impress-in-your-interview-presentation

** I think you’re very lucky if you get to be able to do this. Most of the time I just get peppered with questions.






Does a Candidates Online Reputation Affect Your Decision To Hire Them?

** An interesting perspective from potential hiring managers.

4 career management moves to avoid

** Remember, you’re marketing YOU.






How and Why To Write Thank You Notes After An Interview

** Nice thoughts!

For Career Success, Pick Your Employer Carefully

** Never forget you are interviewing the company as well.

3 Reasons You’re Not Getting Hired

** A little vanilla, but worth a skim. It does, though, ignore the mentality of “plenty of fish in the sea” that many employers seem to have these days.

5 Ways To Recover From A Bad Job Interview

** I like this, BUT… you’re DREAMING if you think you will get any feedback on why you didn’t get the job.

15 Quick Tips That Will Help You Get Hired Fast

** General – motherhood & apple pie.






Hire Forward: When Past Performance Isn’t Enough

** Understand what the hiring manager may be thinking – and looking for.

What’s the Next Big Thing in Recruiting

** What are hiring people discussing?

How Employers Hear Your “True Stories”

** Some interesting insights, especially when asked about a prior employer.







7 Perks to Negotiate When Your Boss Won’t Budge on Your Salary

** In my experience, if a company will not budge on salary, etc., that’s not a good sign.

The Salary Question

** It is a black art.

The Starting Salary Question

** Remember, things like a short commute factors in; throw in other things too, like training.

5 Tips For Handling Salary Requirements

** Some good thoughts. Again, in this economy you don’t dare to push too hard though.


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