Job Search Article Aggregate – November 29, 2014

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Note: About Me and the kind of places I’m looking for work. And some background on why I put the effort into this kind of thing.





How to get people to say ‘yes’ – the science of persuasion

** Intriguing.

6 Strategies For Surviving In A Job You Hate

** And… think of your continued ability to make money. Just don’t jump eagerly from the frying pan only to discover you’re now in the fire itself.

Avoid the Biggest Holiday Job Search Mistake

** Just because hiring slows down at this time of the year doesn’t mean your efforts should slow down. Another person saying the same thing:

Holiday Job Search Myths—Busted!

This Linkedin Lawsuit May Make You Consider Deleting Your Account

** This is worrisome.

5 Ways to make a good first impression at interview

** Most interviewers have made an initial decision in the first few seconds; very often, the rest of the interview will be spent by them collecting information to support that initial – and purely emotional/instinctive – decision.

Done in Seven Seconds

The top ten worst interview questions…ever

** Funny. And face-palm inducing.

Job Interview – Top 20 tips

Top tips on how to get a graduate job: Part 2

Job Interviews Part 3: What questions are asked in a job interview? – Top 5 tips

** A three-part series from across the pond.

How to Spot A Bad Boss During A Job Interview

** Just remember – whether you’re unemployed or desperate to leave a bad situation… “Hope clouds observation.”






A Case for Hiring Older, Self-Employed, and “Over-Qualified” Candidates

** Nice.






What is The Most Important Hack in Networking?

** And it’s a good one.

When Introductions Fail

** If you get a warm referral – ACT. And treat that person like gold.

10 ways to make your job-search networking meetings go smoothly

** Read this. Read this again. Excellent.

What no-one tells you about the true power of networking

** Ultimately, networking relies on the fact that people know who you are, and are willing to put their own reputations on the line to recommend you to others.

Don’t Make This Holiday Job Search Mistake

** Don’t be mercenary about it, but the end-of-year parties are great places to network.






Infographic: Cover Letter Must-Haves–interview-advice/4810/infographic-cover-letter-must-haves

** Nice graphic.

7 tips for writing cold emails to prospective employers

** I will opine that a letter probably gets more attention than a truly “cold” email.






Gaping Gap? How To Plug Holes In Your Work History

** I’m going to be a little cynical here in asking how a hiring manager or HR professional can be so unaware of what the economy has been like since 2008.

Does Your Resume Say What You DID? Or Can DO?

** An interesting perspective.

4 Tips For The DIY Resume Writer

** Four good points, but especially remember #1.

Is your CV stuck in a time warp?–interview-advice/4816/is-your-cv-stuck-in-a-time-warp

** Interestingly, I just got some advice from a private person who recommended many of the things this article says NOT to do.






7 Actions For Effective Interview Follow Up

** All good.

5 Things Every Employer Wants To Hear In An Interview

** Ultimately, it’s about your value to the organization.

Tips for job seekers: How employers assess cultural fit

** Short video. And a lot of other videos on the side too.

7 Interview Bloopers that Sink Your Chances Every Time

** Excellent.

Job interview dress codes: four outfits that balance style with professionalism

** Advice from the UK; IMHO applies here too.

The Inevitable Question: Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?–interview-advice/3713/the-inevitable-question-why-did-you-leave-your-last-job

** Don’t lie. At the same time, leave the rancor at home, and consider that answering 80% of the question just might be enough.

Being “Assertive” in Job Interviews

** Just remember: one person’s “assertive” can be another person’s “pushy”. Can you fold a comment to that effect into your presentation early on to get them thinking about being “fuzzy”?

Fuzzy Limits

How To: Master Panel Interviews–interview-advice/4722/how-to-master-panel-interviews

** For those who hate public speaking this can be terrifying.

Tell me about yourself? Tips on describing yourself in an interview.

** Definitely, if you can, tune it to what they’re looking for.






5 Tips For Asking For A LinkedIn Recommendation

** I like LI recommendations. They take thought and effort, and require someone to “pony up” and put their name to something another might read. As opposed to LI’s “endorsement” feature:

Tarnished Endorsements

4 Big LinkedIn Mistakes: Are You Making Them?

** It seems like the opportunities to “not be ‘right'” on SM are endless.

5 Tips For Upping Your LinkedIn Game

** Agree.

Why it’s probably pointless for you to blog. Or tweet.

** Not totally pointless, but… it IS a point to ask “How much impact am I really going to have?” There are a LOT of people out there tweeting and blogging.

3 Strategies to Leverage the Value of Twitter in a job search

** Tweet your own stuff, but not JUST your own stuff. And be sure to give others credit by mentioning them with their twitter ID.






Fill ‘Er Up!

** Never stop until you land. Even if you “know” you’re getting an offer, full speed ahead until you’ve accepted an offer. And, at the risk of sounding overly mercenary, are sure you’re going to last there.

The Art of an Informational Interview

** Useful.

4 Job Search Strategies That Can Backfire

** Rule #1: Don’t screw up.

Personality tests: An increasingly popular tool for employers looking for the right hire

** Increasing in use, but with dangers to pick people too narrowly. Bringing up my essay:

The Lazlo Emergency Commission Report

The 3 Biggest Lies Employers Tell Their Workers

** All three worth understanding; what doesnt apear in the equation is the fact that employees can become disillusioned and morale can crumble.

How to Evaluate a Job Offer

** Don’t just look at money.

10 Ways to Get Things Done When All You Want to Do Is Procrastinate

** I’ll read this… tomorrow.

Thanks for Nothing? What to Say When You Don’t Get the Job

** You’ll never know unless you ask, so it’s worth asking for feedback. Just don’t be surprised when you hear crickets as the reply.

How to Find Hidden Jobs with an Easy Google Search

** Interesting.

8 things that can kill your job chances

** With so many ways for things to go wrong, sometimes I find it amazing that anyone gets hired – ever.

Does the Culture Fit?

** Very good suggestions; I will also add: leverage industry groups; companies have reputations that are often widely known.






Recruitment: It’s Not Speed Dating

** Interesting, but something irks me in this: the presumption that the candidate is not just “putting a good face on things” but actively trying to deceive. The implicit – no, explicit – message in this article is that there MUST BE an “ugly truth” to be uncovered.

Why we love the Behavioral-Based Interview (and you should, too!)

** Reading why HR, etc., like these.

How To Choose Between Two Equally-Qualified Candidates

** Some good clues to glean from this.

How to Find Candidates’ Social Networks Simply By Using Their Profile Picture

** Imagine, for a moment, that a google search uncovers that “I can’t believe I did that and it’s on the internet” picture. And then a recruiter/HR person searches for that picture… and finds others. IMHO, ONE picture is not unforgivable (generally), but if you have a whole bunch?  Especially from different events?

How to Think Like a Hiring Manager (and Land the Job)

** Could this be an opportunity to sympathize with their Herculean task?

Resumes & Cover Letters. How some employers & recruiters view them.

** Your mileage may vary.






What To Say When You’re Asked For ‘Salary Requirements’

** I must confess, I don’t like these things that MANDATE you put in A number. And especially not those that require you disclose prior salaries.

How to Negotiate Your Salary in 10 Simple Steps [VIDEO]

** It’s an art, no doubt.

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