Please support this bill

I have deliberately tried to NOT make my blog political. Of course I have opinions, and sometimes these slip through here and there unintentionally… but I’ve focused on engineering, recruiting, etc. Plus, of course, humor, pictures, and so on.

But in my essay on offshoring’s national security implications, I discussed the electrical grid as one specific concern – specifically, the fact that the power transformers that form the backbone of our electrical grid, critical components, are custom-built on demand. We do not have an inventory of these as spares. (I also mentioned it in the context of our becoming ever-more reliant on automation and software in our society – you know, things that require electricity.)

Now comes a video discussing the very same concerns and mentioning many of the same dangers I mentioned. Clearly, I’m not just making things up out of whole cloth.

On the plus side, the House passed a bill requiring planning on this. Specifically, HR 3410, the Critical Infrastructure Protection Act.  But we’re not done.  This needs to become law, and its actions funded.

This is important. Take action – contact your Congressman to find out how they voted. Contact your Senator to push this through. And contact President Obama to get this signed.

Protecting our country from a predictable calamity that would take us back to the 19th century is not a partisan issue.  It is a national survival issue.

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