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Note: About Me and the kind of places I’m looking for work. And some background on why I put the effort into this kind of thing.





Respect Your Candidates

** A must read. If they’re treating you badly in the hiring process, it will NOT get better when you’re onboard.

How to Get Around the Gatekeeper

** This is what it’s all about. And I may need to find that book at the library.

How to Get Candidates to Drop Their Job Interview Facade

** Wow; I suspect I’d be a little flummoxed if I got these questions without any warning! A must-read!

The 7 Worst Things to Say to People Out of Work at the Holidays

** HA! So true. As a person looking for work myself, I don’t need your sympathy or empathy. I need your help. As do millions of others.

Does the Myers-Briggs personality test work?

** As a guide to understanding your strengths and weaknesses, this can be invaluable, as can other tests like DISC, etc. As a screening tool for hiring, I’d go with the tried-and-true reading of goat entrails.

True Confessions of the Hiring Manager Reading Your Resume

** EXCELLENT insights into the person reading your resume. The one flaw: it assumes you’re applying for a specific position rather than a general submission or networked-in contact. But in that case, this is a MUST READ.






Are You a Perfect Fit for the Job? Then You Won’t Get It.

** Interesting. But in the comments something really disturbed me, to wit: That resume scanners look for a period with two spaces after, and then assume that you are an “older” person who learned to type on a typewriter – when such a practice was necessary. SERIOUSLY?

A Job Seeker’s Perspective on Executive Job Search

** She asks a question at the end. MY answer? Yes.






How to Nurture Your Network [4 Useful Tools]

** Don’t forget the old fashioned copied/clipped article and cover note saying “I saw this and thought you’d be interested.”

It’s NOT all about you: 10 ways to network properly

** And I commented.

Why You Should Never Dismiss Anyone

** You never know who knows the “right person”. A janitor may be on a first-name basis with the CEO (and a long-time janitor probably is!).

8 Great Ways to Step Up Your Networking Game

** Real-world advice. And from the same source:

6 Unique Networking Tips That Actually Work

** #7: Maintain it.

Job Networking for Introverts: 5 Tips for Keeping Your Network Alive

** Aim not only for the mind and their employment, but for the heart. When you get an emotional response to an update or sent article, they’ll remember you – and in a positive light.

10 Gifts Job Searchers Need But Won’t Ask For

** Amen and amen!






‘Activate’ Your Cover Letter

** Remember, a cover letter has one purpose: grab them enough to get them to read your resume.

3 Reasons to Always Include a Cover Letter When You Apply for Jobs

** Anything that works to get them to read your resume.

Top Cover Letter Tips for 2015

** Really good.

Infographic: Cover Letter Must-Haves–interview-advice/4810/infographic-cover-letter-must-haves

** A good guide.






Top 10 Resume Tips for 2015

** Some great ideas here… but they assume you’re getting your resume to a person.

6 Punctuation Tips For A Sexier Resume

** Interesting thoughts, but… did they really need to “sex up” the title?

Top 10 Signs Your Resume Needs Updating

** Never think it’s perfect!






Job Interview Question: How Do People Describe You?

** Someone just asked me a variation of this in an interview, actually.

7 Common Job Interview Questions That Can Trick You

** Very common questions.

Flip the Interview – 3 Powerful Questions to Evaluate Employers

** Two are boilerplate, but one… really good.

The Executive Interview: What Should I Expect?

** Not just executive interviews… ALL interviews.

The Only 5 Interview Questions You Need to Prepare for

** But… there are so many, many ways to ask these questions.

How to Answer ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ in a Job Interview #WisdomWednesday

** Is there ever an interview where you are NOT asked this?

Top tips for interview presentations

** Don’t solve their problem. Hint at solutions, but beware the Faux Interview:

Cartoon of the Day: The Faux Interview (Plus Commentary)

How to Answer ‘Why Do You Want This Job?’ in an Interview

** Customize for each company. And very much related:

How to Answer the Question “Why Should We Hire You?”

** An interesting – and different – take.

How to Understand Interviewer Questions and Techniques

** Ultimately, have stories. People can accept dry facts, but you can fake enthusiasm. Stories, however, resonate and have impact.

Job Interview Question: How Do People Describe You?

** I’d had “How would your former boss describe you?”.






A Job Seekers Guide: What’s Safe to Post on Social Media (and Not)

** Personally, I think these are Puritan-era prudish. My own thoughts:

Social Media Vetting: Proposed Standards (Long)

** A guy at a party tweets out “At thus-and-such party” while holding a beer. Ooooh. A woman on vacation in Jamaica posts a couple of pictures of herself in a bikini. Wow. What is this, high school? Companies want “young, dynamic, SM-savvy, edgy” people – and along with that type of personality comes, BY DEFINITION, people who post things like this. Now, contrast a picture of a guy holding a beer vs. a guy downing a fifth Animal House style, or a woman in a bikini vs. a woman doing a nude selfie, I concede the point. Still, haven’t we progressed past the Victorian era, or do we need to start shipping smelling salts to HR departments just in case they see a SM post that violates their delicate sensibilities?

How to Write a Captivating LinkedIn Profile Headline

** I need to revisit my profile’s headline after reading this.

A Great New Way to Monitor Your Online Image While Job Searching

** Hmmm.






What a Job Seeker should not do – Negative Body Language and You

** Again, body language is important but don’t obsess over it.

The Truth Behind Hiring Decisions

** Some useful insights.

A quick guide to break into where it all starts.

** Thoughts on getting into start-ups.

The Dark Side of the ‘Freelance Revolution’

** Some excellent points. Which brings up:

Mercenary Workforce

Responding to Job Rejections and Assessing Job Offers

** When you have an offer in hand, that’s your strongest position. Use it – but remember that in this economy, you can’t push too hard.

How to Ask Why You Didn’t Get The Job

** It’s always worth asking.






How To Tell If Someone’s Lying On Their CV

** Reading the other side’s playbook. Related:

5 Tells Your Candidate Might Be Lying

** Guilty until proven innocent. And I think there needs to be a serious discussion about why it is candidates believe / feel they need to lie. And also related:

How To Find What Job Applicants Try To Cover Up

** Ditto.

14 Out-of-the-box Sourcing Tips for Finding Top Talent

** If you want to get caught, think like a fisherman.

What to Look for As You Screen Cover Letters

** What’s in their mind as they read your cover letter?

What I Learned from Interviewing 5,000 Candidates

** Interesting. And point 6 highlights the need to network, network, network.

Why Hiring Fast is Killing Employee Morale

** I agree that a person should not be hired because they have a pulse. As Sabrina points out, this is a balancing act. What’s my point? That NOBODY gets it RIGHT 100% of the time.






How to Win Your Salary Negotiation

** With regard to #10: be able to walk away if you threaten it.

Are you a Salary Negotiating Pro?

** You can only negotiate when you have leverage.

3 Tips For Addressing Salary Requirements Effectively

** I’m not a fan of giving your salary range first.

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