Job Search Article Aggregate – – – December 30, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  May it be wonderful, great, and prosperous for you.

As a part of my own job search I read a lot of articles about things like networking, cover letters, resumes, interviews, etc. One thing I try to do to help others is aggregate these into my on-going series of “Article Aggregate” posts.

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Note: About Me and the kind of places I’m looking for work.




3 Non-Awful Ways to Promote Yourself as an Introvert

** Some interesting thoughts if you are not a social butterly.

How To Finish Strong in Your Job Search

** Never give up. Related:

7 Habits of Highly Successful Job Landers

** Up your game.

Why You Should Never Cross Your Arms Again

** Body language is important but IMHO you can over-think it. More: If you are getting “overqualified” a lot, do you really want to be doing power poses to challenge people? Related:

Hand Gestures Say A Lot About Your Intelligence

** A lot is cultural too. And also related:

Smiling May Cost You the Job

** Interesting… but, again, you can overanalyze it. Brush your teeth, look at yourself in the mirror. Maybe even bring a mini-bottle of mouthwash and, in the lobby restroom use it (and discretely toss it in the trash).

Your Elevator Speech: Keep It Simple Silly

** An elevator speech is nothing more than a way to entice someone to talk with you.

HIRE ME! 7 Tips For Getting A Job After College

** Solid advice for those starting out.

What Makes You Special?

** Differentiation. And related:

Would You Pay $1000 For A Basket Of Apples?

** What value can you provide? What pains can you, and only you, fix?






48 Articles in: Job Search Basics

Job Applications

8 Subcategories in Cover Letter Writing Tips (with Examples)

Salary & Benefits

** And more there too – worth browsing / poking around.






What are transferable job skills?

** Important; how can you abstract out what you’ve done to be applicable – and recognizable – to those outside your “comfort zone” industries? Related:

5 Key Rules For Career Changers

** Ultimately, it’s about getting people to realize you have a capacity beyond what you’ve done.

Reinvention Success Story: Singer to Consultant

** Interview; experiences of a person making a career change. Related to transitions:

How to Triumph Over Transition. This is the Beginning of Your Great Story!

** The key is to do something. Don’t be a lump on the couch.

The Difference between Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

** Can you leverage this distinction in a discussion?

What are YOUR career prospects after 40?

** Quote: “All of this leads me back to one of my core mantras, which is that once we get past 40, we are taking an extreme risk with our lives if we assume that we can just carry on working in the same careers that we engaged in during our twenties and thirties.” Which is a sad thing to recognize. Welcome to “Generation Ice Flow”






5 Good Ways NOT to Network

** Useful. And at the end – it’s what you give to others that determines, in large part, how much you get.

4 Things Networking Can Help You Do (Besides Get a Job)

** Endorse all of these.

The Point of Networking – Connections to Conversions

** It’s about building relationships, not finding jobs (per se).

Never Forget Someone’s Name Again With This Memory Trick

** Names are critical. And if it’s a name that’s difficult to pronounce, odds are you’re not the first person to have problems.

Why Insiders Get Hired — And You Don’t

** Quote: “Given a choice, managers still tend to hire candidates referred to them by people they know and trust.” That’s because, in the course of making a referral from one person to another, the person doing the referring understands they are putting their own reputation on the line… and thus exercises careful judgment in doing so. (Which begs the question: Given this understanding of the strength of the personal referral, why are so many companies pushing to remove it from the field by insisting candidates can only come in through the ATS – and no other way?)

3 Ways to Break the Ice at Holiday Networking Events

** And in general too.

The Science Of Politely Ending A Conversation

** Sometimes you get into a conversation and the other person is relentless in chewing your ear off. (I’m guilty of that at times; it’s a bad habit and I am far more aware of it now.)

Top 10 Myths of Networking: De-Bunked!

** It’s about building and maintaining relationships.

4 Tips for Networking with Someone for the First Time

** The dating analogy (minus the romantic aspects, as she says) is very apt. It is an investment in an ongoing relationship.






The Perfect Cover Letter Template to Show Off Your Skills

** I don’t believe there is a perfect template. But this definitely is useful for guidance.

5 Most Ridiculous Cover Letters

** Facepalm-inducing. But cathartic in a dark humor kind of way.

How to Write a Cover Letter or Cover Email

** Some good stuff here.






What’s a Resume For?

** A resume gets you an interview. That’s its only role IMHO.

3 Tips To Get Your Resume In The ‘Yes’ Pile

** What really concerns me is the enormous emphasis on reverse engineering the ATS filters. This needs to be a human process.

Will your resume pass an ATS scan?–interview-advice/4726/will-your-resume-pass-an-ats-scan

** You need multiple versions. At issue is “reverse engineering” what will go through the ATS. I have a gut feeling that as candidates get better at this, the filtering system will get changed – making it an ongoing arms race to figure out how to penetrate the defenses.

Rev Up Your Resume for 2015!

** I feel a column coming on.

How to Make Your Resume Pass the 10-Second Test

** Make it easy for them to read! Remember, it’s a marketing document, nothing more. Format is as important as content.

Personal Interests to List on Your Resume that Get People’s Attention

** Mixed feelings about this. But if an interest can be shown to have a transferrable skill to the job… I say go for it.

Does a Short Term Job Belong on Your Resume?

** I believe honesty is the best policy here. If you leave something off your resume, but it gets found out, it will raise more questions than if you do include it and answer questions proactively.






Keeping Up Appearances in Interviews

** There is a look bias. Alas. One technique I’ve read about and use is that if you have something “unusual” about you (in my case, wearing a yarmulke), tell the person before you meet. That gives the person time to get over whatever emotional shock and negative reaction they might have – at your weight, tattoos, etc. – and re-engage their rational mind by the time they actually meet you. I don’t know if it works, but it makes sense to me.

Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start Interviewing

** Some good thoughts for consideration.

How To Prepare Yourself For The Offbeat Interview Question

** I can understand using these sparingly in an interview; a couple of interviews I’ve had seem to have had an excess of these.

6 Ways to Update Your Executive Interview Skills

** Applies at every level, actually.

Job Interview Question: How Would You Describe Yourself?

** Very similar to “Tell me about yourself.”

10 Job Interview Tips From A CEO Headhunter

** Prepare, prepare, prepare.

How to Establish an Advantage in Job Interviews

** Again, differentiation.






(GYSS #21): Jenny Foss – Create A Stellar Personal Brand Both Online and Offline and the Key Great Introductions When Networking

** 40+ minute voice interview.

Professional authenticity: Can you be too authentic online?

** Some self-censorship is necessary. At the same time, do you really want to work for a company where the people get the vapors and need smelling salts over, say, a picture of you holding a beer at a party? Related:

The Impact of Social Media on Recruiters and Your Next Employer

** Ditto my previous comment. Compare and contrast: holding a beer vs. doing a funnel; bikini shot at a beach vs. topless selfie; a serious and thoughtful letter to the editor vs. a raving-and-profanity-laced facebook rant about <something>.

STFU: The Coming Age of Self Censorship

** I commented. And a quote from my first essay on SM and candidate-vetting:

“Hiring managers and human resources people search the internet for indications about a candidate’s personality, character, and human failings – and then are shocked and horrified to discover candidates have personalities, characters, and human failings.”

15 Smoking Hot Ways to Use LinkedIn for Job Search

** LinkedIn is an amazing tool for networking and job searching. If you’re not on LI, you need to be.

Are we being judged for the company we keep?

** She asks if we’re going too far with this. MHO – a resounding YES.

The Definitive Social Media To-Do List For Job Seekers

** How do you keep up with all of these??

How To Use Blogging To Attract Job Offers

** Jacob actually sent this to me – thanks!






How You’re Pissing People Off Without Even Realizing It

** Alas, I’m guilty of some of these… I think we all are.

5 Common Mistakes You’re Making With Your Email Signature

** Useful.

How To Write A Thank-You Note That Gets You The Job

** As I’ve said before, I am floored at how many people don’t write thank you notes.

3 Ways To Make Sure Your New Hire Is A Cultural Fit

** And remember this needs to be a two-way investigation.

References: Are Written or Verbal Better?

** Remember, most companies will only give “name, rank, and serial number”; in particular, many instruct managers to defer to HR to avoid potential lawsuits. Which, then, prompts a question: If you, as a potential employer, prohibit your line managers from giving references, why then do you insist that the references candidates give must be their managers?






What’s the Next Big Thing in Recruiting


** Insights about where and how recruiters will be looking for people.

How to Negotiate a Job Offer if You Are the Employer

** What are they thinking when they decide it’s time to talk money?

Here’s Exactly What A Hiring Manager Scans For When Reviewing Resumes

** Video. I think a large part is determined by format too.

5 Things Job Candidates Obsess Over That Hiring Managers Don’t Care About

** Insights. And more:

How To Understand Your Interviewer’s Hidden Agenda

Here’s The Surprising Question One CEO Asks At The Start Of Every Job Interview

** Never been asked this, but I think it’s a good one!

15 Things I Look for When I Interview People

** There’s a lot to keep track of here!






Choose Your Words Wisely to Win a Negotiation

** Some interesting insights into the negotiation process.

10 Tips to Use Psychology to Win Higher Salary Negotiation

** Very good. Just remember, you may not be in a position to exercise #10: walking away.

When The Job Offer Comes In Low

** Don’t recall if I already had this one, but it’s a good one and worthy of an (accidental) repeat.

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