Job Search Article Aggregate – February 5, 2015

As a part of my own job search I read a lot of articles about things like networking, cover letters, resumes, interviews, etc. One thing I try to do to help others in the same boat is by aggregating these into my on-going series of “Article Aggregate” posts. For reference, I try to post one of these about every 5-7 days.

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In shameless self-promotion mode, I’m going to start putting links to the last two Original Essays I’ve published here at the top. Reverse-chronological order. These will, of course, change as I publish new ones.

Show Me the Stupid

** Every company has them: those policies, practices, or just things-that-happen that make an outside observer do a facepalm. Here is a collection of such things, scrubbed (and not all from my own experience!), presented without comment in an effort to get people to start looking at their own organization with fresh eyes.

Ask 5: Some more penetrating questions to ask at interviews

** The fifth in a series of “penetrating questions” for job seekers to ask in interviews.

And I’m going to, at random, hype an essay from earlier on – changing every time:

Offshoring: To Insanity… and Beyond

** With China building an entirely new airfield with clear staging towards the five islands in dispute with Japan, those who push sourcing to China, or overseas in general, should consider we may very well be in a hot war with China inside of a year or two. What happens to toys, vacuums, miscellaneous bits-n-bobs, computers, iPhones, as well as engineering-and-other outsourced services – let alone antibiotic feedstocks – then?






One 2 One Resumes

** Links to all sorts of job-search categories on the right.


** Ditto; lots of links to useful articles by category on the right.






Beyond the Resume: 11 Ways to Grab an Employer’s Attention

** Some innovative thought-starters here.

The Behaviors that Define A-Players

** How can you use this to shape your presentation to potential employers, whether in a networking setting or an interview? Related:

4 Characteristics of Leaders Who Get Hired and Promoted

** Again, how can you use these insights to proactively show your strengths in these areas? And notice the strong emphasis on integrity as one key component. This brings up:

Check the Foundation First

** Intelligence and integrity are foundational elements of a person’s character. They are intrinsic, unlike mutable attributes like skills, knowledge, and even attitude and motivation. Hire for those foremost.

Why You (Yes, You) Need a Professional Portfolio

** Interestingly, while I often bring a portfolio, I’ve had it backfire – to the point where one interviewer told me it was a negative.

You Must Do THIS at Your Job Interview

** You can overanalyze this but, yes, a good – “quality” – handshake is critical.

13 Shocking Facts About Employee Engagement #WisdomWednesday

** This is not a job-search article per se; it is, however, indicative of the “real” state of employment. Does anyone think that, if there were an actual “shortage”, companies could treat people like this?

Job hunting in a recession – new tactics revealed

** Video from 2012 but still very, very relevant.






Top Tips for Executives In-Transition

** Not just for older workers, but especially pertinent. Sort-of related:

What Makes a Great Leader? 12 Key Elements of Leadership Success

** How can you, as a senior person, leverage these points?

Online Job Search Tips for Older Workers

** Here’s the issue to most of these… the moment they see you, they’ll know. And, really, not putting a date on your graduation? To anyone with any savvy whatsoever, the absence of a date is – in and of itself – a signal about your age.

Companies Are Not Prepared for Aging Workers

** I will be a cynic and opine that, based on observation, it is far easier and more common to find pretexts to get rid of older workers, and then hire “young bucks” who will work insane hours for a fraction of the salary. Of course, what’s missing in all this is the loss of “tribal knowledge” and overall experience, plus intellectual diversity… not to mention a much better network of personal contacts on which to rely.

Network for Success: It’s Different When You’re Older

** Aimed at older workers, but good for everyone else too.






Networking When You’re Just Starting Out

** A good list of networking venues.

The 5 Golden Rules of Networking–interview-advice/4999/the-5-golden-rules-of-networking

** It’s about relationships. Ongoing relationships. And I heartily endorse getting out to meet people in person:

The Butlerian Jihad

** Thou shalt network in person.

LinkedIn InMails: 7 Ways to Get Responses

** I think these could help when you send a message through LinkedIn.

Let’s Have Lunch!

** Good guidelines for a networking lunch.

Networking: Who is in your network and how do you approach them?–interview-advice/810/networking-who-is-in-your-network-and-how-do-you-approach-them

** Some good basics; just remember, it’s not going to do the geometric growth thing like everyone says it will.

Turning Social Events into Networking Opportunities


** If you’re interacting with another person, that’s a potential networking opportunity. Related:

Want to Network? Don’t go to Networking Events

** It’s dangerously and seductively easy to just go to networking events of other out-of-work people. Go out and meet people, and do it at industry events where the majority of people have jobs!






Applicant tracking systems – the hidden peril for job applicants

** Quote: “Some sources quote that as many as 75% of applicants are eliminated by ATS systems, as soon as they submit their resume, despite being qualified for the job!”

Jurassic Park Hiring

** If 75% of qualified people are never passed through the ATS screen, as Neil relates above, could this be the root cause of the “shortage” everyone’s screaming about? And if so, why are companies doing the same thing – pushing more people through the ATS – and expect different results? Note another statistic which I quote in my piece, from an interview of Wharton Professor Peter Cappelli: “One employer told me that 25,000 people had applied for a reasonably standard engineering job in their company and that the hiring systems indicated that none met the requirements.” What’s that definition of insanity?

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t: clichés on your résumé

** Presenting two sides of the argument.

How to List Temporary Jobs on Your Resume

** I favor the grouping method.

5 résumé tricks that can backfire

** Not sure I agree with everything, but I definitely second the view that leaving dates off resumes is, in itself, a signal of age.

What recruiters notice in resumes–resume/5085/7-things-that-employers-pay-attention-to-in-a-resume

** I haven’t seen this this perspective before.

Productive Ways to Fill Resume Gaps

** By hook or by crook, show you’re not just sitting on the couch surfing the web and getting addicted to soaps.

5 Ways To Have Fun With Your Resume

** OK, not sure these will have the effect of truly getting a hiring manager’s attention, but they are entertaining. And who knows, if you go on an interview, and find someone who – through a discussion – who might be amenable, this could be a good differentiator.






The Interview Question New Employees Wish They Had Asked

** A very pertinent point!

7 Crazy Questions You’d Never Expect to be Asked at Interview–interview-advice/2991/7-crazy-questions-youd-never-expect-to-be-asked-at-interview

** While I understand the need to evaluate creativity and thinking under pressure, I will repeat my assertion from my previous Article Aggregate: that one of the “hidden purposes” of these kinds of questions is to test a candidate’s patience and willingness to put up with pop-psychology questions.

2015 Job Interview Trends

** Be aware of what might be coming.

How to Answer This Question – Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years

** And other question articles at the bottom.

Why was there a gap in employment between [insert dates] and [insert date]?

** A good spin for a far-too-common-these-days question. Of course, a shrewd hiring manager should, if encountering a bunch of people, be able to generalize to “Maybe the economy sucks canal water, and that’s why so many people are out of work.” The quest for the fantasy date (or the “purple squirrel”) doesn’t help either:

What is “The Perfect Fit”?

** I have my own suspicions: given the hammering of articles I see weekly about the dangers and costs of a (cue dramatic music: da duh daaaa!) “Bad Hire” I will offer my opinion: the fantasy date quest is really a subconscious way for hiring managers to avoid hiring at all. Thus, if nobody meets the qualifications, there’s nobody to hire and zero risk of that (da duh daaaa!) “Bad Hire!”. It’s just a theory, of course, but IMHO plausible.

How to Dress for the Interview

** If you have the chance, ask the HR person for advice; should you go “full formal” or what? Add in that given the wide range of dress codes and cultures, you’d like to be sure you are dressed appropriately.

4 Questions You Need to Have Answers to Before Your Interview

** Some good fundamentals.

Don’t Make These Deadly Job Interview Assumptions

** I got nailed by #3. I had a directly-relevant line item on my resume; nobody asked about it. After the second interview (!) I did manage to get some feedback under the table and was told that I should have brought it up.

Answering the question, “What do you do?”

** Remember, you are more than a job title.






Are You Job Hunting? Then Get Cleaned Up!–interview-advice/770/are-you-job-hunting-then-get-cleaned-up

** Define “clean”. I still have this image of someone having the vapors at seeing a person at a party holding a beer, and a coronary at seeing someone tweet a bikini selfie from their Bahamas vacation. Seriously? This is the 21st century, not the Puritan era:

Social Media Vetting: Proposed Standards (Long)

Try the “Google Yourself” Challenge [Infographic]

** Have a networking buddy looking for work? Take the initiative, google them and tell them what you find.

If you’re going to endorse someone for their skills, do it right

** I don’t like LinkedIn endorsements:

Tarnished Endorsements

** What really irks me is people who endorse me for skills and qualifications having neither worked with nor even met me. That cheapens the whole idea.

Do you need a social media presence to find a job?

** In a word, yes. Not being “out there” is suspect. But being “too” out there is also a turnoff. What’s the magic window? Who knows for certain!






10 Sure Fire Ways to Kill a Sale

** Again, remember – you are marketing and selling yourself. Therefore, you are in sales.

8 Ingredients for Job Search Success–interview-advice/5054/8-ingredients-for-job-search-success

** Useful, and especially #6: never NOT be networking and “putting money in your networking bank account”. In this day-and-age of expendable-asset employees, you never know when you may need to tap your network again.

The Body Language Business And The Now of You

** Body language is important, but you can overthink it.

4 Steps For Developing A Winning Elevator Pitch

** Remember: this is a way to tweak someone’s interest and make them want more. Related:

Is Your Elevator Pitch Working?






6 Interviewing Pitfalls to Avoid

** Generic, but still useful.

Successful Candidates Never Ask This Question

** Insights into the thoughts of a hiring managers.

4 Ways to Get Noticed By Jobseekers in 2015

** Want to get caught? Think like a fisherman. Related:

Help Us Hunt You Down

** Ditto.






How to Negotiate Salary at the Executive Level

** Not just for executives. More on negotiation:

How to handle salary negotiations during the recruitment process

** And another:

Mistakes to Avoid When Negotiating Your Executive Compensation

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