Friday Funny – Two Navy Jokes

A grizzled Master Chief was talking to a new crewman before giving him his daily orders.  “Son, what’s your name?”


“Well, ‘John’, I don’t hold to this first-name-basis crap.  See here,” pointing to the people on his crew already working busily .  “That’s Garcia, Jones, Miller, Goldstein… I go by last names, see?  So, what’s you’re last name?”

“Darling, Sir.  My name is John Darling.”

There was a pause.  “OK, John, I need you to….”

A new bridge crewmember was on deck.  It was quiet, so the officer in command starts talking to him.  “Tell me, son, you’re in command, and you see a storm approaching straight on from the bow.  What do you do?”

“Well, per textbook, I’d put out a bow anchor, batten everything down, and ride out the storm.”

“I see… and then you notice another storm front approaching from the port beam.”

“I’d throw out another anchor as needed.”

The officer looks at the ensign dubiously.  “And another storm starts approaching straight-on from the starboard side.

“I’d throw out another anchor.”

“Son, where are you getting all these anchors?”

“Same place you’re getting all these storms, sir.”

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