Job Search Article Aggregate – February 10, 2015

As a part of my own job search I read a lot of articles about things like networking, cover letters, resumes, interviews, etc. One thing I try to do to help others in the same boat is by aggregating these into my on-going series of “Article Aggregate” posts. For reference, I try to post one of these about every 5-7 days.

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David Hunt, PE



In shameless self-promotion mode, I’m putting links to the last two Original Essays I’ve published here at the top. Reverse-chronological order. These will, of course, change as I publish new ones.

Job Seekers: Watch Your Back(ground)

** About how I discovered an error in a private criminal background database, what I had to do to get it removed, and how I think it was costing me job offers.

Show Me the Stupid

** Every company has them: those policies, practices, or just things-that-happen that make an outside observer do a facepalm. Here is a collection of such things, scrubbed (and not all from my own experience!), presented without comment in an effort to get people to start looking at their own organization with fresh eyes.


And I’m going to, at random, hype an essay from earlier on – changing every time:

Design for Assembly: A Child Sippy-Cup Cap

** I did my Masters research at Carnegie Mellon University on this topic, and applied it very successfully in real-life. This essay is a write-up on an assembly issue of an everyday product, and has a proposal or two on how it might be fixed.




Are You Sabotaging Your Own Job Search?

** Remember, you need to be interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you!! These are some great insights. Related:

If These 3 Things Happen During Your Job Interview, Don’t Take the Job

** Remember, you are interviewing them too. If they treat you badly when you haven’t committed, they’ll treat you worse once you are committed.

How To Do A Background Check On Your Potential New Employer

** Very interesting and useful. One other thing – if you have time, attend relevant industry group meetings; ask about the reputation of the companies you’re investigating. Companies have reputations, and you can learn a lot this way.

Top 9 Stories of Awesomely Bad Job Seekers

** On the lighter side. Just funny. Cringe-inducing, but funny.

Why your next job contract may scare you to death

** Not an advice piece per se. Rather, an understanding from across the pond on where the employer-employee relationship seems to be heading. Grasping the nature of the terrain is vital for planning for yourself. And here’s where HR seems to be going:

The Next Frontier for Human Resources? It’s People Analytics

** I understand the need to make as-informed-a-decision-as-possible. But, ultimately, a person has to make a decision. Hide behind data, or analytics, or screening games, or whatever, there is no avoiding the fact that a person has to decide. And own that decision.

“Forget my past… I can do this job!”

** Hiring anybody – ANYBODY! – involves risk; and there are enormous benefits in hiring from the outside and, IMHO, these can outweigh the risks:

Avoiding risk in hiring means avoiding innovation






Graduate Jobs and Graduate Recruitment

** Excellent site from across the pond.


** A whole lot of stuff here.


** Another enormous collection of columns and advice articles.

Summary Sunday: Job Search Isn’t Easy

** This looks like an interesting series, and worth going every Sunday.






Defeat the o-word at the job interview

** Sounds like what I said in my two articles about “The O Word” (shameless self-promotional plug):

The “O” Word

The “O” Word 2

** Another take on the “O” word:

6 Ways to Rock the Overqualified Job Interview Question

** One thing that is clear from what I’ve read on the topic: best to head off concerns in the conversation proactively, rather than waiting for them to say it at the end.

Fired & Over 50: What To Do

** Some excellent and over-arching advice. Just understand: ageism is out there, it’s real, but barring an inadvertent slip-of-the-tongue you’ll never know it and, barring wearing a recording device (not endorsed or recommended, BTW!), you’ll never prove it.

Tips for job seekers: Advice for mature & experienced workers pt. 1

Tips for job seekers: Advice for mature & experienced workers pt. 2

** Short videos.

Half Of Your Company Is Looking To Leave: Four Retention Strategies To Keep Your Best

** How can you, as a seasoned, insightful, and experienced person use this knowledge to present yourself? Related:

The 4 essential ingredients for innovation

** More information to try and weave into a conversation to… drum roll please… differentiate yourself. You have experience, perspective, and wisdom – leverage those. More to work with in:

6 soft skills every professional needs

** The more you can proactively stress your abilities in these soft skills, the better you’ll be able to edge out the perception that “young bucks” are the way to go. And related:

The Motivations and Behaviors That Define High Potential Employees






How to talk to anyone at a networking event

** My normal opening, after names, is to ask “So, what brings you here?” Focus on the other person first; then they’ll ask about you.

Networking Is a Key Strategy in Your Job Search

** And always try to help others.

10 Things You Should Never Do to Get a Job

** Endorse this article highly.

5 Steps to Networking Success for Introverts

** Definitely, and I highly second the idea of building your network continually, even when you have a job. Related:

5 Surprisingly Perfect Ways for Introverts to Network

7 Tips For Nailing Networking

** Think of it as your bank account; you can’t withdraw until you’ve put in.

Take the scary out of networking

** I understand that networking doesn’t come naturally; think of it as socializing with a purpose. Relax. Most people aren’t out to take your head off; rather, most people want to help.






Tips for job seekers: How to write a great cover letter pt. 1

Tips for job seekers: How to write a great cover letter pt. 2

** Short videos.

Great Cover Letter Examples: A – Z List

** Just don’t cut n paste these, but a good place to get starting ideas.

Don’t Make these Cover Letter Mistakes–interview-advice/1505/dont-make-these-cover-letter-mistakes

** I’m actually working on an essay about cover letters. Stand by, hopefully out in a couple of weeks. And related:

5 cover letter clichés that make employers cringe

** Generic, but… definitely, don’t use these.

Seven Steps To Writing Cover Letters Quickly And Effectively

** Remember: a cover letter is nothing more than a marketing tool to get someone to read your resume.

4 Tips For An Effective Cover Letter

** Solid points.






Tips for job seekers: How to explain résumé gaps pt. 1

Tips for job seekers: How to explain résumé gaps pt. 2

** Short videos.

Avoid these 8 resume fails

** The first rule: don’t screw up!

Why Resume Little White Lies Are a Big Mistake [Infographic]

** It’s not worth it. AND… a quote that I just saw from Thomas Jefferson: “He who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a second and third time, till at length it becomes habitual.”

The Secret World of Recruiters: Why They Don’t Notice Your Resume–interview-advice/3135/the-secret-world-of-recruiters-why-they-dont-notice-your-resume

** Very broad and worth reading.

How to get past the robots that are reading your résumé

** You can do everything right and still be screened out.

How To Turn Duties Into Accomplishments On A Resume

** Time to shamelessly plug my two resume-related essays:

Resume AVeNReTYA

Resume Ruminations

Your Resume Isn’t Working Because…

** Some strong advice.






The “Tell Me About Yourself” Question: 4 Tips on How to Answer

** A very common question.

Tips for job seekers: How to avoid common job interview mistakes pt. 1

Tips for job seekers: Avoid common job interview mistakes pt. 2

** Short videos.

The most common job interview questions and how to answer them

** Remember, you need to find your unique voice in these.

How to Tell Your “Hire Me” Story [Infographic]

** Amusing and useful!

Value of Using ‘Canned’ Answers to Interview FAQs

** Don’t use found-on-the-internet answers, but do develop answers that you can spin off without hemming and hawing.

10 Toxic Words you Must not Say in a Job Interview

** Think about what you say. IMHO though, you can become paralyzed by being worried about every word or gesture.

Why you keep falling short in job interviews

** Some good basic thoughts. And more good basics:

5 Tips for Instant Interview Success

** On the last point: yes, a good interview is a conversation. But, sometimes, it’s an interrogation and there’s nothing you can do about it.

5 TED Talks to Watch Before Your Next Interview

** Working my way through them.

How To Be Irresistible In Interviews

** Ultimately, be yourself; you can become paralyzed trying to keep track of it all.

5 Job Interview Tips for First-time Job Seekers

** Not just for first-time seekers, but in particular for them.

Craziest Interview Questions – And How to Answer Them

** As inane as I personally consider these kinds of questions, they’re common.

[Infographic] Revealed – 5 surefire ways to lose your interviewer within the first 30 seconds!

** Amusing – and useful.

88 Great Behavioural Interview Questions To Help You Prepare For Your Next Interview!

** Fantastic insights into the other side’s playbook.






Personal branding: Are your words leading to feeble or powerful outcomes?

** Interesting, but one can use words that are so over-the-top that people start dismissing them.

Is your online reputation spotless?

** I’d like to claim that nobody is spotless on-line, but I’ve come across a few people who flat-out don’t exist online… which, as I understand it, is also a warning sign. If you’re online, IMHO, there will be something someone can criticize. Just don’t be stupid and do try to pull the pictures of you chugging that bottle of Jack, or the topless selfie you took and posted a few years ago. Related:

45 things successful job seekers do on social media

** Overall good advice. But do you really want to work for somebody that sees a well-argued, germane, and topical letter to the editor and – because it’s the other side from what they think – freaks out over it, or who has the vapors over a picture of you holding a beer, etc.?

How To Protect Your Privacy on LinkedIn

** ID thieves are everywhere. And so are stalkers.

115+ Resources for Showing Off Your Work Skills

** I’m actually working on my portfolio for my blog now.






8 Places You Didn’t Think to Look for a Job

** Some good off-the-beaten-path places to look.

Tips for job seekers: How to differentiate yourself from others pt. 1

Tips for job seekers: How to differentiate yourself from others pt. 2

** Short videos.

5 Things to Do Before You Apply to Any Job

** Good basics.

If People Need Jobs, Why Is It So Hard to Hire? [INFOGRAPHIC]

** Some interesting and, IMHO, very revealing statistics… revealing a lot more than on the surface.

10 Steps To Preparing Top-Notch References

** I keep saying it; references are job-search gold. Take care of them. Related:

4 Ways to Guarantee a Killer Reference Check

7 job-search sins

** Avoid these.

5 Habits That Make You Sound Young and Unprofessional

** Um, like, I totally get it.

4 Interview Body Language Mistakes

** I agree that you need to pay attention, but… you can become paralyzed by worry. And other videos on the side too.

8 Reasons You Didn’t Get the Job (That Have Nothing to Do With You)

** On #7: On one hand, you don’t want to be first – because often in meeting the first few people they fine-tune the job requirements, even if only mentally. But you don’t want to be last, because they may have made up their mind and you’re coming in simply because you’re on the schedule. But… there’s not a lot you can do about this.

7 Tips For Successful Virtual Informational Interviews

** Good stuff. Even a phone call “networking conversation” – not “interview”, that’s too loaded a word – can be enormously useful.






The Key Question Every Interviewer Must Ask (And You Must Answer Well)

** That’s a good question; now that it’s out there I’d be prepared to answer it!

Phone Interview Tips for Hiring Managers

** Know what they’re looking for in a phone interview.

5 Questions Hiring Managers Think During Interviews (But Might Not Ask)

** Know what they are probably thinking as they talk with you.

What Your Choice In Coffee Tells Employers About Your Personality?

What Your Choice Of Tea Says To Employers About Your Personality

** I don’t know. Somehow this seems like scraping the bottom of the candidate-clues barrel. Still, be aware of it.

How to Make Candidates Feel Comfortable During a Job Interview

** On the surface, very nice. Just remember the old saw “… and welcomes little fishes in with gently-smiling jaws.” Don’t let your guard down.






“What is Your Desired Salary?” – Why Recruiters Ask and What to Say

** Useful. Just remember, the whole salary-setting thing is a black art.

Tips for job seekers: How to negotiate your salary pt. 1

Tips for job seekers: How to negotiate your salary pt. 2

** Short videos. And related to negotiation:

3 Things You Don’t Know About Negotiating Salary

Looking for a Higher Starting Salary? Don’t Fall For These Employer Tricks’t-fall-for-these-employer-tricks

** Honestly, some of these sound like when I bought a lemon of a used car (cue jingle: Chevy Chevette, it’ll drive you happy!). After-the-fact I read a list of tricks used by lemon salesmen; this guy used a lot of them. I’m not saying these are unfair, but be aware of them!


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