Job Search Article Aggregate – March 5, 2015

As a part of my own job search I read a lot of articles about things like networking, cover letters, resumes, interviews, etc. One thing I try to do to help others in the same boat is by aggregating these into my on-going series of “Article Aggregate” posts. For reference, I try to post one of these about every 5-7 days.

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David Hunt, PE



In shameless self-promotion mode, I’m putting links to the last two Original Essays I’ve published here at the top. Reverse-chronological order. These will, of course, change as I publish new ones.

Two Kinds of People in the World

** Thoughts on how the two different kinds of people in the world view and react to new information that doesn’t match what they already believe.

Job Seekers: Watch Your Back(ground)

** About how I discovered an error in a private criminal background database, what I had to do to get it removed, and how I think it was costing me job offers.

And I’m going to, at random, hype an essay from earlier on – changing every time:

From HAL’s Breakdown to Competitive Success

** Only with candor can American companies be adaptable and fast – how to succeed in the combat space of global business.




Job hunters: How to be remembered by potential employers

** It’s about being memorable.

The Staggering Cost of a Bad Hire (Infographic)

** I strongly suspect this is one of the reasons there are so many “fantasy date” job descriptions. By setting the bar at “impossible” even if unconsciously, there are no candidates to interview; no interview, no decisions, and no hires – so no risk of a DA DUH DAAAAA “bad hire” that can adversely affect a hiring manager’s standing even if the organization suffers as a whole – because the finger can be pointed at the candidate pool. And on the “fantasy date”:

What is “The Perfect Fit”?

** An essay of mine; read the lead-in, and laugh. Then understand that many job descriptions are employment versions of what I wrote.

The Number One Deadliest Mistake that Most Jobseekers Make

** Excellent foundational advice.

How to Build Your Value Proposition

** It’s all about differentiation, baby! (Link to another lengthy article here.)

Heartbreaker: Why That Job You Interviewed For Has Been Reposted

** Very important info!






“Passive candidates are better” Is A Myth (And What The Future Might Hold)

** How can you, a person with perspective and experience, weave this into your presentation?

Becoming self-employed? Here’s the #1 critical question you MUST be able to answer

** Many older people are going into business for themselves, either as consultants or other things. This is good advice.

4 Simple Ways To Overcome The Age Factor In Your Resume

** Consider a hybrid resume; functional up front and chronological at the back. Related:

How to Write a Functional Resume: Tips and Examples

Why Career Changers Make Great Hires

** Some strategic stuff to use. Related:

The A-List Formula for Executive Career Success

Help! I’m Overqualified

** I like this – outsmart your “overexperience”.






Being a Master Networker: Ivan Misner’s 10 Must Have Traits

** This. Is. Excellent.

The right way to network

** 1) Give back to others, and 2) this is about relationships that are ongoing.

What to Do if Your Network Isn’t Helping You Get a Job

** And always, always pay it forward.

The Secret to a Killer Networking Meeting? Treat It Like an Interview

** DO take them seriously.

Networking faux pas that can really annoy your contacts

** Wish I could say I’ve never done these.

4 Strategies for Building Better Professional Relationships Today

** Yes, it is a relationship, not a one-time contact.

7 Things to Maximize Your Return on Networking Events

** #8 – help people, help people, help people.






Exclusive: Our cover letter secret sauce!

** With other videos too.

The Perfect Cover Letter: Unique, Tailored and Impressive [Infographic]

** I’m a believer in guides, but you need to have your own voice.






17 Things You Should Never Ever Include in Your CV

** The first rule: Don’t screw up!

Resume Pet Peeves

** You have 6-10 seconds to get someone’s attention.

5 Marketing Secrets That Will Help Your Resume Get Noticed

** As a job seeker, you are in sales and marketing.

Writing a Resume that Complies with Applicant Tracking Systems

** If 75% of otherwise-qualified people are being eliminated by the ATS from human consideration, shouldn’t that be a signal to companies screaming about a “shortage” that the problem isn’t the candidates, but the systems they have implemented? Related:

How to Get the Applicant Tracking System to Pick Your Resume

The resume re-write, 5 reasons you’ll hire me

** Very thoughtful. I think doing this in practice might be a little more difficult – especially with the reliance so many companies have on ATS portals these days.

How To Repair A Damaged Resume

** I do not advocate leaving things off; IMHO keeping track of what’s there and what’s not can become a real memory-tester. And what if you slip?

6 sources of accomplishments for your résumé

** Some good ideas for saving positive comments for resume fodder – and interview discussions.

Is Your Résumé a living, breathing document?

** It needs to be.

Why Your Resume Is Stuck In The HR Black Hole

** Point 9 is vital to understand!






6 Underrated Skills to Look for in a Candidate

** The last one is a wonderful thing: anyone can BWG, bitch-whine-gripe, (and sometimes it IS therapeutic to do so!); can you point to places where you’ve proposed solutions? (Side and shamelessly-self-promotional note: in many of my blog essays, I do BWG about things – but I always try to suggest ideas to fix the issues, or at least ask thought-provoking questions.)

How to transform your interview and defeat your competition

** Do your homework.

Redesign your value proposition to become the must-hire candidate

** Quote: “This point is critical because the fact that you have been given an interview, means that on paper, the employer thinks you may have what they are looking for. Your task now is to prove to them you have more to offer than any of the other candidates.”

The dangers of McStorytelling

** Very much applies to interviewing.

How to Not Ask and Answer Questions About Career Goals

** Does anyone really know where they’ll be in five years?

How To Answer Stupid Interview Questions – And What They Really Mean

** First understand what they’re really after.

Prove it: the best way to answer an interview question

** Have examples!

How to Sell Yourself in an Interview Without “Selling” at All

** Solid.

Developing the Best Keywords for Your Job Search

** Just don’t go crazy. You need steak in there too, not just sizzle.

Recruiters Nominate Their Favorite Behavioral Interview Questions

** Forewarned is forearmed.

10 Things That Must Be Said in Every Job Interview

** Amen!

15 Nerve-racking Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

** Never been specifically asked if I know any jokes.

Who do you respect? Why?

** Feels like a bit of a trick question.

Job Interviews: Are You Listening?

** Definitely, and be an active listener (it’s worth taking a course in that if you can!).






3 Keys to Actually Writing a Blog for the Job Search

** Very useful.

Use the LinkedIn Publishing Platform to Tell Your Story

** One way to build an online portfolio.

6 Steps to Building A Solid Online Presence

** You can’t not pay attention to this.






How to Prod At Overwhelmingly Positive References

** This might be a very good article to send to references when you alert them about a possible check. Related:

References are Not an Afterthought

** No, they are an essential part of your search.

I Am NOT A Purple Squirrel

** In full disclosure, this article references several of mine, so I’m biased! Yet he makes some very interesting points, including his absolute distrust of employers now. This should be worrying corporate leaders.

3 Things To Do After An Interview

** Aside from a thank-you note and the occasional follow-up, never never never stop looking until 1) you’ve landed, and 2) you know you’re going to like it there – and they like you. Related:

Effective Thank You Notes

6 lessons to learn from the school of the job search…

** Understanding the environment and what you have to do.

15 Ways to Use Humor to Land a Job

** Done rightly, it can really make you stand out. Done wrongly, well…

How do I put together a good elevator pitch?

** The foot in the door.






Want to Keep Employees for the Long Run? First, Ask Candidates These Questions

** The first is similar to “Tell me about yourself.” The third and fourth question are ones I have not seen, but prepare for them. One thing, on the third one:

Do these 11 things, find a lot more candidates on LinkedIn

** If you want to be caught, think like a fisherman.

Hiring 101: How to Hire Even If You Have No Experience in Hiring

** Many interviewers are not skilled (sorry!). Can you use these insights to help them learn about you?

Show Me These 4 Things and I’ll Show You a Quality Hire

** Useful insights. I especially like – and recommend preparing for – the question about impact.

When It Comes to Determining ‘Fit,’ It’s About What You See and Hear — Not What You Ask

** It’s so much more than what you say.






Negotiating an Executive Level Salary

** Just remember, in this economy you have very little leverage.

The 10 Worst Things You Can Do In A Negotiation

** This is useful!

Salary Requirement/Expectation

** You’ve got to have a range… and a bottom-line, no lower-than-this number.

5 Tips to Renegotiate Your Salary

** You’ve got to at least try. And IMHO if they don’t play ball on anything, if you can, walk away.






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