Broadening my Job Search

I am looking for a job, as anyone who has read my About Me page knows.  Since passing two years of being out of full-time work – consulting/contracting being very thin gruel – I am opening the door to relocation.

Please look at my Portfolio to see some of the things I’ve done.  Please look at my Why I Blog page to get a sense of who I am. I am a Mechanical Engineer with two Masters degrees, a background in plastics among other things, and experience in both design and manufacturing.

I get interviews.  I get second interviews.  Clearly, my resume does catch attention.  Clearly I’m doing something right in interviews if I’m invited back.  But – and I wish I knew why – I’m not getting offers.  I’ve gone to interview coaches, done mock interviews, and nobody can put a finger on anything I’m doing wrong.

If I’m going to move – and I’d rather not but circumstances are dictating otherwise – I am looking southward, e.g., the Carolinas, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, with some specific criteria, to wit:

My criteria for a target area:

An established Conservative (denominationally) Jewish community

An active Masonic presence

A Montessori school that – ideally – goes through 8th grade

Other preferences (negotiable):

Not pure-flat landscape

Trees / forests

A large city within an hour’s drive

1 thought on “Broadening my Job Search

  1. I’d recommend Nashville, TN and surrounding areas. There’s several auto manufacturing plants in the vicinity. Beretta is moving to Central Tennessee. Lots of good manufacturing and engineering companies there, Tullahoma, and Knoxville. The terrain is rolling hills with four seasons. Nashville has a large, and growing, Jewish community (I should know, several of my family members have been part of various Temple leaderships). Murfreesboro is a good choice, so is Franklin. Some excellent schools too, though I can’t speak to Montessori, nor Masonic lodges. But the area is large enough, and has enough $$$ to support them. Good luck, email if you have questions. I lived in Nashville till I turned 21, and get back there periodically. Still have friends and family there.

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