The Best Interview I’ve Had This Time Around I Had To Tell Them I Was The Wrong Person For The Job

If only people were, in general, willing to communicate this directly and with such candor.

The Arts Mechanical

Right after I was laid off, I had an interview for a contract job at a small medical supply  company near where I was working.  Unlike so many interviews I’ve been through, this one went very well.  The company was obviously a great environment to work at and they liked me.  They liked me!!! GREAT!!!.  After hearing the requirements specifically what they needed I had to turn the job down.  I have never done this before.  But I could not betray them.  Quite frankly I was unqualified for what they needed.  I know that I could do the work, but the time constraints were too tight.  I didn’t have time for the learning curve that would be required and the interview ended in mutual agreement of that fact and we all acted correctly as adults.  That’s the way an interview is supposed to work.

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