Job Search Article Aggregate (June 7, 2015)

As a part of my own job search I read a lot of articles about things like networking, cover letters, resumes, interviews, etc. One thing I try to do to help others in the same boat is by aggregating these into my on-going series of “Article Aggregate” posts. For reference, I try to post one of these about every 12-14 days. (Note change in time frame now that I have a job, albeit a part-time one, which reduces the time available for me to compile these.)

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David Hunt, PE



In shameless self-promotion mode, I’m putting links to the last two Original Essays I’ve published here at the top. Reverse-chronological order. These will, of course, change as I publish new ones.

But first, a special note: Neil Patrick was kind enough to guest post an essay of mine.

10 tiny things that can ruin your chances of getting hired

Then, my last three original essays (normally two, but I’ve published three since the last Aggregate).

Pegging Out the Nerd-O-Meter: My Morning Commute

** A statistical analysis of my commute time.

Some Interesting News About Health and Weight Loss

** Exercise is good, but apparently has little to do with weight loss – and other news.

Observations from a Trade Show

** Things I noticed at a recent trade show in Boston.

And I’m going to, at random, hype an essay from earlier on – changing every time:

Whacking the Nerve Again

** Why are companies who scream about there being a “shortage” avoiding job-seeker networking groups when looking for candidates.




4 Ways to Overcome A Lack of ‘Relevant’ Work Experience

** Not just for 20-somethings!

The 3 Best Sales Negotiation Tactics Ever

** After all, what is a job search but a marketing and sales effort?

11 FBI Tactics To Win An Argument

** And I highly recommend this book which goes into many of these techniques at length:

Dinosaur Brains: Dealing with All THOSE Impossible People at Work Paperback

12 Things You Wish You’d Known Before Taking the Job [INFOGRAPHIC]

** And ask around in related networking / industry groups. Companies have reputations. Don’t dismiss bad comments because you’re starry-eyed.

REAL Reason 80% Jobs Gotten Via Referral

** Very interesting.

The Key Factor Almost Every Hiring Manager Overlooks

** I find it interesting… I’ve attempted to network into numerous companies specifically because I’d like to work at those companies. I have enthusiasm for those companies and the products they make. Strange. Related:

How to Reach Your Hiring Manager Directly

Include your LinkedIn profile URL on your job-search documents

** Plus some rules to follow if you do this.

The Undercover Interview Can Be the Best Interview

** Really sneaky IMHO despite the author’s assurance to the contrary; watch for this in an interview!!

The Psychology of Sales Marketing and the Human Mind

** Remember, looking for work is a sales & marketing job.

How To Get Out Of Your Unemployment Funk

** If you’ve been out a while, it’s easy to fall into despair and apathy.



Employment Spot

** You can also search by specific city, and by industry. They also have a large compilation of advice articles:

Employment Articles



Why opposing viewpoints should be more important than cultural diversity

** I thought this was interesting as far as leveraging your age as a “diversity” factor!

The “Digital Native” Fallacy & Anti-Boomer Job Discrimination

** Some clues to be gleaned here.

Fighting Stereotypes In The Job Search

** True for all, but especially older job seekers.

job-hopping is killing your career

** What group is most associated with job-hopping? Millenials. What group has the most stability (and usually incentives to not job hop)? Older workers. Think about how you can leverage that. Related:

Job Hopping Is the ‘New Normal’ for Millennials: Three Ways to Prevent a Human Resource Nightmare

** I attempted to contact the author to give my feedback about how disappointed I was in this article. Specifically, to the point that there was no mention at all about older workers or any thought given to anything other than dangling beads and trinkets to entice Millenials to stay longer. No reply. Either she didn’t get the message, or I’m just one of the hoi polloi and unworthy of a reply.

Reinventing Your Career? 5 Steps To Assess Your Transferable Skills

** A good checklist to go through.



Don’t Overlook Volunteering as a Networking Opportunity

** And it gets you to meet people face to face – the best kind of networking.

Cold Email Critique – Avoid These 8 Mistakes

** Easier said than done, but definitely impactful. Related:

The Most Stupid Opening Lines To Sales Emails

** The first rule – don’t screw up.

Hate Making Small Talk? One Approach ANYONE Can Use

** I like it. (And if you’re a high-power person with lots of connections, this goes doubly!)

How to Stop the Excuses and Start Networking

** It takes time.

How to Get Started as a Networker [9 Key Principles]

** Excellent basics.

Why Networking is Pointless, But Building Relationships Works

** I absolutely agree with this. At issue, however, is the fact that most people are too crazybusy to build relationships, let alone have networking meetings.

10 Ideas for Getting an Interview without Applying

** Some interesting ideas in here.

Why People Hate Networking

** If it’s that hard, you’re doing it wrong! And another by the same author:

Networking Tip: How to Properly Answer the Question “What Do You Do?”

** A nice approach to distinctively answer a common question.

18 Tips For Following Up After A Networking Event

** Follow-up is essential.

3 Tips For Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch

** This is a critical part of networking – it’s your intro.



How to Write Effective Cover Letters

** Remember that a cover letter has one job only: to get them to be interested enough to look at your resume.



How to Fix a Spotty Employment History

** You may be unemployed, but if you can add one of these into the mix, it could help.



The key to your next job interview? Don’t overthink it.

** I like this perspective.

I’m Bored Of Hearing This At Interviews

** The real answer is “It depends on what needs to be done…” and then give an example of each.

What is the Logic Behind the Most Popular Interview Questions? [INFOGRAPHIC]

** Understanding why they ask what they ask can help you prepare.

Science says the fourth person to interview for a job is most likely to get it

** Not like you have any control over this. But I suspect that part of why this happens is not only because of what the article discusses, but as they interview the first three people they refine and better understand what they want – and thus are able to adapt their interviewing to that.

The Secret to Landing More Job Interviews

** I think it’s a black art myself.

7 Secrets of Nailing Your Follow Up Interview

** Several useful tips! And remember, if you’re there for a second interview, they think you probably cut the mustard and are now looking for confirmation.

3 Tips On How To Answer: ‘Why Should We Hire You?’

** Differentiation.

Still talking only about “we” during an interview?

** There’s a fine line between showing how you did things, and being a selfish braggart. The same holds true for the other direction.



How to Follow Up after a Poor Interview

** Worth trying. IMHO you’ll probably not get the job, but don’t just sit there saying “Oh well”.

Thanks for Nothing? What to Say When You Don’t Get the Job

** Odds are good you won’t get anything useful – feedback, contacts, referrals to others, etc. – but it’s worth trying.



Navigating the Reputation Economy: Lies Do Count

** A reputation that takes years to build can be shattered by a single tweet – remember that woman who tweeted on her way to South Africa? On the other hand, though, don’t be paralyzed: a company looking for an excuse to weed you out will find one.

Hello. My Brand is…

** In one respect, I’m not a product. On the other hand, I am.



Will Your Increasing Waistline Decrease Your Career Success?

** What’s really being looked at when people consider your weight? A: Your perceived energy level. Whether rightly or wrongly, if you are overly-heavy it will be seen as a proxy for other things – energy, health, etc.

What Does “You’re Not A Good Fit” Really Mean?

** IMHO, this is a cop-out, and very dismissive of the basic humanity of job seekers. I’m an adult, tell me. And this is sort-of related:

Why Employers Don’t Respond to Job Applications

** Read the comments too; the anger at employers is palpable. Which brings up:

Peeing in the Candidate Reservoir

** The poor treatment of candidates is not an isolated problem. It affects every single company.

How to Make Competition Irrelevant

** I like the idea; easier said than done, methinks.

How to Stop Screening Yourself Out

** True; on the flip side of this is the search for the Purple Squirrel. And a cartoon whose message is meant to be political (don’t worry, it’s not offensive or against any particular side), but it applies here too:

** When confronted by mismatch between the candidates applying (and getting through the ATS, but that’s another matter entirely) and requirements, most choose to blame the candidates. This is a good excuse to bring up my essay on The Undercover Recruiter:

What is “The Perfect Fit”?

** So please look at the cartoon, then read my intro, and consider what might really be the situation when companies say there is a “shortage” or a “skills gap”.

Could Time Out Travelling Be Damaging to Your Career?

** That’s the thing. We live, at present, in a global economy. How can taking a little time off to consider where you want to be, what you want to be, and experiencing other cultures be a bad thing? Ultimately, though, taking a year to travel can be just another excuse to rule you out.

10 Best Job Search Tips

** Some good points here. And related:

10 tips jobseekers must heed for a successful job search

How to Stand Out as a Job Seeker #UROpinion

** A common theme is enthusiasm. Yet IMHO, based on personal experience, this is overrated.

Should you ever say no to a Job Offer?

** This is an iffy question. I could argue both ways.

Why “Nice” Job Seekers Don’t Get Hired

** Differentiation, baby. And my own essay on the subject:

Differentiate Yourself in an Interview: Beyond Your Background

Probing for Pain Points When You’re on a Job Interview

** I like it. If you can dope out what their problems are, you can better position your pitch as the solver.

How to Spot A Bad Boss During A Job Interview

** Your boss can make or break you.



Why The Best Candidate Rarely Gets The Job And How To Change That

** A useful perspective. Ultimately, IMHO of course, I think a big aspect of things is not a maximization of ability and such, but a minimization of risk, in particular risk to the hiring manager.

The One Thing You Must Never Do in an Interview

** They’re trying to not like you enough to make the decision while you’re there.

Can Data Make the Hiring Process More Efficient? [INFOGRAPHIC] #TechTuesday

** Basically an infomercial essay, but understand – this is what company HR departments are reading.

How to Identify Top Candidates on LinkedIn

** Want to be caught? Know where and how they’re fishing.

What is the Formula for the Perfect Candidate? [INFOGRAPHIC]

** Understand what the other side is thinking.



Negotiate the job offer to win

** Prepare for battle!

What’s Your Current Salary? Here’s the Right Answer!

** My answer is typically “I am looking for…”. If they get persistent, I ask them “How is what another company paid me, in (probably) another industry, a couple of years ago, relevant to what I am seeking now? If I’m in the ballpark, let’s talk.”

Why Premium Brands Don’t Charge Bargain-Basement Prices

** The problem is that companies these days only look at price, not value.

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