Charity Bleg: Connections Israel

ci logo

Anyone who has perused my blog knows that I have a Charities Page. All of these are places where I have donated to before, and continue to try to do so as I can. One in particular, Connections Israel, is one in which I am involved in more than just financial terms. Specifically, I am on the Governing Board. One contribution I made, among many, was to send three boxes of kosher goodies, and to pay for the Navy ship Achi Kidon to have custom hats with their logo embroidered on it. Here’s the video where these boxes and hats were delivered.

I just got an email that they are gathering funds for a specific project: protein bars for soldiers on maneuvers. As you can imagine, many of these “small luxuries” are not funded as Israel’s defense budget is focused on larger issues.

Connections Israel is a 501c3 charity, so if you have a charity budget and are interested in helping our ally Israel, please consider clicking through HERE to make a donation. It will be appreciated.


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