Antidote for Low Blood Pressure: An Article on H1-B Visa Abuse

From 2014:

Joe Green of Has a Relapse of His Foot-in-Mouth Disease

One particular pressure-spiking quote:

Here’s a personal example.  Some years ago I gave a talk in a public debate on H-1B, and after the talk a man came up to me, introducing himself as the CEO of a Silicon Valley firm.  He said, “You’re wrong about our hiring H-1Bs as cheap labor.  There really is a tech labor shortage, and my company is having real trouble finding software engineers.”  I replied, “Well, my wife is a software engineer.  I’ll have her apply for a position in your company, and we’ll see what happens.  Her surname is different from mine, so you won’t know it’s her.”  He immediately backtracked, protesting, “No, that’s not fair, she’s probably making too much money!”  Indeed. Clearly this CEO had cheap labor as his first priority; quality didn’t even enter into the conversation.

And in an article linked to by the one above, AP Article on H-1B Visa Good, But Misses the Boat:

A few months ago I was invited to participate in an industry panel whose featured speaker was a Dropbox Vice President. Actually, an over-35 friend of mine had just applied to Dropbox the week before — and had been summarily rejected the next day, with the firm not even bothering with a phone interview. My friend has a Harvard degree, 20 years of software development experience, and most important, specific modern skills that Dropbox wants. When I mentioned this, the Dropbox VP, who is in charge of recruiting, admitted that he doesn’t have time to even glance at the tons of CVs his firm receives.

And another excerpt from the same article (link in original, bolding added):

•The visa is widely abused, throughout the industry, NOT mainly limited to the Indian IT staffing (outsourcing) firms such as Infosys.
•Rather than being used for the purpose of remedying labor shortages, most employers use the visa to obtain cheap, immobile labor.  (For many employers, the immobility is even more important than price.)
•Another major motivation for employers is that the H-1B visa serves as an enabler for the industry’s ageist practices — and keep in mind, “old” starts around age 35!  The vast majority of the H-1Bs are young.

Remember, law firms have held seminars on how to get around H1-B visa requirements.





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