Kinda fun… and an observation on science in general


This is a good application of Occam’s Razor: When confronted with multiple, competing explanations the simplest one is most likely the true one.

In parallel… when your scientific theory has to go through multiple contortions to be held to, including accusing heretics, er, skeptics and wanting them arrested, tried, even executed – maybe the theory is wrong.

2 thoughts on “Kinda fun… and an observation on science in general

  1. It would have been more historically accurate if the animation also included Copernicus’s system as well. His system like Ptolemy’s relied upon epicycles. Whether Copernicus’s system was actually simpler than Ptolemy’s was a matter of controversy back in the 16th century. Copernicus claimed to have used fewer epicycles than Ptolemy but that depended on how one counted up the epicycles. It was Kepler’s system that would prove to be decisively simpler than Ptolomy’s but he achieved that simplification by replacing circular orbits with elliptical ones. Up to then, most scientists, had followed Plato in positing circular orbits because circles were supposed to be perfect.

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