GenGuard: For people with emergency gas generators.

Kickstarter campaign:

GenGuard: Home generator surge and brown out protection

And about it, and my role in it:

A Product I’m Working On…

Introducing GenGuard, a new commercial product being developed for those with emergency generators.  I describe the product, link to the kickstarter campaign looking for funding, and am attempting to showcase it as an example of what I could do for companies – seeing as I am on a job search!



2 thoughts on “GenGuard: For people with emergency gas generators.

  1. Hello David

    It looks nice. I watched the video of the operation. I am a auto mechanic and have a couple of generators. One gas and one diesel.

    I have never had such experience that the maker claims. Gas generators do not like to be unloaded and in the demonstration it looked like the generator was just started and still running rough from the cold start. That could cause voltage issues.

    Gas generators are set to run at proper voltage at around 70% load. Depending on use one might need to adjust the RPM but I have never seen the voltage vary by more than a couple of volts on a stable running generator. 110 volt to 125 volts would not be a problem if the frequency is correct.

    The cycles or frequency are more critical in my experience. I set the RPM to get the correct frequency.

    This device looks to me to be a capacitor. I do load up the gas generator when I use it by turning on a space heater or a couple of 100 watt lights. My guess is the capacitor loads the generator up slightly.


  2. Reblogged this on The Arts Mechanical and commented:
    In between engineering contract jobs I used to work at a hardware store that had a small engine shop. I think that this is a VERY good idea. Look. most small engines are sensitive to small changes in fuel quality and air quality because they don’t have the kind of electronic ignition systems that say, an automobile has. So the engine speed can change off the governor speeds for short periods of time. Something like this could be a big help in preventing that from harming things like TV sets and other electronics, to say nothing of refrigerators and other appliances with motors that do NOT like to go off cycle.

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