My Thanks to Neil Patrick

Neil Patrick, of 40pluscareerguru, just wrote an extraordinarily nice recommendation on my LinkedIn profile. It was really nice of him to do, and I wanted to share it in its entirety (seeing as I am looking for work, hint hint!).

Here it is:

I have had the privilege and pleasure to get to know David quite well since we first connected on Linkedin and Twitter. He has helped me tremendously with intelligent and articulate guest posts which I have been pleased to publish on my blog. These facts alone speak volumes about David’s character, ability and willingness to share and help others.

David possesses a rare commodity these days; the courage to tell the truth as he perceives it in a direct and clear manner. David’s sharp and independent mind and willingness to help others before himself means I consider he would be an asset to any team or group. It’s refreshing to know a person so willing to state what they think is best path for everyone rather than simply slant things to their individual benefit. If you want a simple ‘yes man’ look elsewhere. If you want someone who has the talent to spot elephants in rooms and courage to challenge the sacred cows, David is your man! I would unquestionably trust him to watch my back anytime…

Thank you Neil! And hopefully this post drives a lot of people to your site… and that at least a few avail themselves of your services.

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