Help? Fruit fly invasion!

I know how they got in… probably on the bananas.  But they’re still here in massive numbers…

  • We’ve closed and put away any food including all fruit in the fridge
  • I’ve put out traps (which are working; the ones I just threw away had a dozen or more dead ones each)
  • I’ve put up fly paper on the windows above the traps
  • I kill a dozen or more every morning, and more every night

What can they be eating?  Anything I’m not doing that I should be?

7 thoughts on “Help? Fruit fly invasion!

  1. Take some sweet liquid, most anything will do, fill baking dishes or some other largish, shallow vessels a half-inch or so deep with the fluid, and put a a few drops of dish soap onto the fluid. Rinse and repeat as necessary.

    Check that these are not coming from bathroom sinks. Or just to be sure, pour boiling water down the overflow hole and into the drain of your bathroom sinks two or three times per day for a couple days.

    Fruit flies reproduce like mad so by the time you’ve killed some there are new ones around.

  2. Hi David,

    Do you have any live plants in the house? use Diatomaceous earth on the top of the dry earth. Neem Oil is God’s gift for controlling and eliminating fruit flies to use every time watering plants.

    Do you compost? How close is the outside trash cans to house? How often do you take the inside trash out?

    All else fails, call in a pest exterminator. It may be something dead in an area you cannot get to.


    1. In a small glass put an ounce of red wine and an ounce of apple cider vinegar. Cover the glass with tightly with saran wrap and with a toothpick punch a couple of wholes in the saran wrap large enough for the flies to crawl into the glass. Place the glass in a warm space (on top of a gas stove in the kitchen is best). The flies will crawl in, become trapped, and drown.

      Also, fill the sink and then dump a healthy dose of bleach in the water. Then drain the sink. Fruit flies will live and breed in the drain trap. Make sure the drain trap is fully flushed.

      1. Thanks. I’ve flushed it a couple of times, and put down bleach once. That HAS to be where they are coming from because everything else is put away.

        I killed >50 yesterday and currently, now keeping track, 31 just this morning. I have two traps out already.

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