Memorial Day: “Thank you” is not sufficient

“Earn this!” said Tom Hanks’ character in Saving Private Ryan as he lay dying after having had most of his men die to save the titular character.

We owe these men and women.  We owe them in a way that cannot be paid back.  And while I never served, I do regret not serving.


As we contemplate the ultimate price paid by those who gave that last full measure… the ongoing price, and pain, paid by their families and friends – let us resolve to never let the light of liberty go out.  Let us reprise the words of President Ronald Reagan, spoken before he became President – to give our foes notice of our resolve to protect that liberty and Constitution.

G-d bless America.

And G-d bless you.  Rest well, warriors… the light of liberty has not yet gone out.  Not yet.  Not while I still draw breath.  And to the enemies of America – both foreign and domestic – I state this, channeling what Reagan said:

There is a price I will not pay simply to continue to draw breath; there is a line beyond which you must not advance.

I took an oath when I worked for the US Army Corps of Engineers; that oath was to protect America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  That oath has never been lifted by anyone with the power to do so, so it holds.

That promise, that oath, to preserve for my children and their posterity this last best hope of man on earth – or die trying – is my way of saying THANK YOU.

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