About Me

David Hunt, PE, is a senior-level Mechanical Engineer.  A skilled engineer with experience across Design, Cost Reduction, Process Development, and even on the production floor, he has worked in diverse regulated industries.  The plurality of his career has been in plastics, and he applies his education (two Masters degrees) plus experience to design products to be functional, cost-effective, producible, and robust.  A notable achievement was when he applied his Master’s research in Design for Assembly to achieve spectacular results with the design team – reducing a complex electro-mechanical assembly’s part count by over 50%, and the labor time by over 75%.

Currently happily employed and doing consulting, he remains an active networker, sharing leads, articles, and has stepped into the world of social media to both raise his profile as well as to disseminate his writings and leads and articles to help others.  He has finished a Graduate Certificate in Six Sigma to broaden his skills and improve his value to a potential employer, not only getting a 3.92 GPA but being nominated to join an honor society based on that GPA.  And check out his portfolio.

His recent readings have confirmed his belief of “In helping others, I help myself“, learning that a single act of kindness can redeem the whole world.  For example, he has compiled and posted aggregates of articles related to job searching in the hopes that others can benefit from his own reading (an effort currently suspended because of a lack of time, not a lack of desire), and has posted jobs in New England that he finds in his search for suitable positions for himself.  He also has several charities to which he gives as he can.

40 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Nice blog, David. I spent more time than I anticipated here reading your supplier visits article along with the fun stuff.

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