As a part of my faith-driven obligation to Tikkun Olam – healing the world – I try to help out when I can.  I personally give to these organizations, and encourage you to consider doing so as well.  (This is not an exclusive list of organizations I try to help, but these are ones I try to give to as regularly as means permit.)  In alphabetical order:

Children’s Dyslexia Centers – helping children with dyslexia overcome their disability and learn to read and function

Connections Israel – care packages, gifts, and support for Israeli soldiers (full disclosure: I am on the Governing Board)

Israel Trees – planting fruit trees in Israel

Move America Forward – care packages, gifts, and support for American soldiers

Salvation Army – helping the needy and doing so with a minimum of overhead

Shriner’s Hospitals – providing world-class care (often free) to children in need of medical care

Wounded Warrior Project – helping America’s injured soldiers

I also strongly encourage any person eligible to donate blood regularly to the Red Cross, and to consider becoming an organ donor.

6 thoughts on “Charities

  1. David, I could read this blog all day long. So interesting. I like your style. Unfortunately, I don’t have employment for you…but if I did I would hire you 🙂

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