I Endorse…

This page is to introduce people and companies whom I recommend.  This is an always-evolving page, so please do check back regularly.


In alphabetical order by last name:

Jean Bigoney, Ph.D.  Jean is an expert metallurgist with whom I have consulted several times, each time with useful insights and information provided by her.

Michael Drues, Ph.D of Vascular Sciences.  You would be hard-pressed to find a person more knowledgeable about FDA submissions and medical device regulatory issues.  He also does FDA-related training, and IMHO has visionary-level predictions for the future of medical devices and treatments.

Chip Huckins.  Chip is a recruiter I’ve known for years and is in the process of ramping up a resume-writing business.

Manuel Pilar of Molco.  Molco is a toolmaking source specialized in high quality custom injection molds for thermoplastics, manufactured either in Portugal or in South China.  Also, Manuel is a fantastic and extremely capable liaison, and a heck of a nice guy to boot.  (I recommend Portugal in particular, having been there on a mold-trial trip with Manuel.)


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