Veterans Day & Happy Birthday USMC

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

(I’d post more but I have a job interview (!) to get to.)

David Hunt, PE... Mechanical Engineer on the loose!

OK, ok, so I’m late to the party.  Life.

First, Happy Veterans Day.  If you don’t develop some “dust in your eye” at this video, something’s wrong:


And second, Happy Birthday to the US Marine Corp:

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Help? Fruit fly invasion!

I know how they got in… probably on the bananas.  But they’re still here in massive numbers…

  • We’ve closed and put away any food including all fruit in the fridge
  • I’ve put out traps (which are working; the ones I just threw away had a dozen or more dead ones each)
  • I’ve put up fly paper on the windows above the traps
  • I kill a dozen or more every morning, and more every night

What can they be eating?  Anything I’m not doing that I should be?