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George on a swing

To keep the kids out of the basement when I’m not home, I’ve told them we have two monsters who live in our oil tank during the day, and come out at night to eat any bad guys who might come in.  They also eat trash when there are no bad guys.

Of course, the older one – too damned smart for her own good! – asked “What are their names?”  Um… “George and Gracie.”  (Boy am I gonna be in trouble when they figure that one out!)

“What do they look like?” came after.  As it happened, I’d just downloaded a picture of a man in an Alien costume (from the movie of the same name) walking down a European street (judging by the architecture) so… “Here’s a picture of George on vacation.”  (Don’t have the image any more; old computer.)

Later, “Here’s George playing chess while visiting a friend:”


Now… George and a friend playing in the park.



Boy am I gonna get it when they figure it out.