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Supporting Israel – Purim Baskets for IDF soldiers

As a Jew, I support Israel.  Don’t worry, as a natural-born citizen of America with roots not just to the Revolution but to the Pilgrims I also support America and as Memorial Day, Independence Day (the Fourth of July is a date; Independence Day is an event), Veterans Day, etc., come along I’ll get those too.

Please note my charity page; doing good to help others, whether in the US or Israel (or anywhere for that matter), is a blessing.  This year, in particular, I will make sure to hit Thanksgiving hard… nobody in America should be hungry on that day especially.  Nobody.

But I’ve noted on several occasions that I am on the Governing Board of Connections Israel, a registered charity in Israel (also a 501c3 in the US).  We’re in the middle of fundraising to give baskets to IDF soldiers.  Here’s the video from last year:

Look at those happy faces.  Over 2,000 baskets were handed out.

I’ve set a personal challenge to help get us to 3,000 baskets – a 50% increase from last year.  To that end I’ve had a guest post on IsraelSeen and, now, on the IDF blog itself!  (Woo hoo!)

Complimenting that and my efforts, the others at Connections Israel set up a page to which to drive possible contributors, especially for little old me.  So please, visit Connections Israel in general, and my page in particular, and if you are inclined to support us after viewing the work we do… donate.  And whether you donate or not, if you support Israel, please share this blogpost on facebook, twitter, linkedin, reddit, etc.

More eyes = more possible donors.

Thank you!



Special request:

I am on the board of Connections Israel, a 501c3 charity that does projects for people in Israel; we focus on the IDF though not exclusively.  We are ramping up our project to give Purim baskets to IDF soldiers throughout the country.  Last year we did over 2,000 baskets and would like to blow that number out of the water.  Here is the video from the 2018 effort:

Link if the video doesn’t work… it seems to be spotty.


If you support Israel, please…

  1. Share this video with friends / groups that could contribute
  2. Adopt a unit (a unit of 30 soldiers is $450)
  3. Post on FB / LI / twitter / whatever about this drive to get more donors

Let’s get to 4000 baskets this year!!!  Please help.

Here’s the donation page link: DONATE TO PURIM 2019

I’m tickled pink they even made a page for my fundraising efforts….

Again, please join me in the DRIVE FOR 4000!

Spent a couple of days in Tel Aviv with most of the daylight hours on the beach.  Warm enough for us New England types, but a little chilly in general.  The kids had a blast though.


View from the hotel room.  I definitely got “husband points” for making sure we had a sea-side view.



Interesting that swimming was prohibited (not that this stopped some people).  The waves were pretty choppy… especially the second day.



What amazed me was how clean the beach was.  I’ve been on some US beaches where the sand was one big cigarette tray.  Ewwwww.  Perhaps it was cleaned up and with few people because of the winter, but still – amazing!



View from the hotel roof at night.



Nothing replaces my joy at seeing Old Glory fluttering, but this is definitely – and firmly – in second.



Hotel lobby.


Matthew Charles: A man reformed – with justice denied

Please go watch this video, Matthew Charles: Justice VS The Law :



Then go sign the petition to get his sentence commuted.

I taught at a jail.  Some men there were in class for selfish reasons; “good time” and all that.  But others were genuinely there to learn and redeem themselves.

This man, at least judging by the commentary at the video, has done exactly that.  He needs President Trump to commute his sentence.

After you’ve heard the case, please consider going to the White House petition page and sign it.

Reverse the Reincarceration of Rehabilitated Matthew Charles of Nashville


Charitable appeal for an IDF soldier

Brothers and Sisters:

I’ve touted CONNECTIONS ISRAEL as a great organization in Israel helping IDF soldiers. And in full disclosure I am on the Governing Board of this group (as a volunteer).

We’ve been informed that there is a border patrol soldier whose parents passed away from cancer within the last two years, and is currently living with their twin in Haifa.  They want to continue to serve but financially may have to leave the service. This soldier needs funds for basics like toiletries, rent, clothing, and so on.

I’ve given $50 to Connections Israel. You can go to their donation page:


And then to paypal where you can enter, in the special instructions, “FOR THE BORDER PATROL SOLDIER.”

This will ensure the donation gets to the right cause.

Thank you, and G-d bless. Everything helps. And please forward to others / share this information.

Many hands make light work. We’re Jews. We dig deep to help our own.

Make an IDF soldier smile for Purim

Purim is just around the corner, and IDF soldiers break out into smiles when they get a gift basket from Connections Israel.

For $15 you can give a basket for one soldier.  For $450 you can give an entire unit of 30 soldiers baskets.


Please consider this 501c3 charity in your giving.


BLEG: Keep an IDF soldier warm


For only $90, donate a fleece jacket to an IDF soldier.  It’s simple, it’s easy, and not only does it help an individual, the money goes to Israel’s economy.  And it’s tax-deductible!

Connections Israel: Fleece Donation Page

Full disclosure: I am a volunteer member of this 501c3 charity’s Governing Board.