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National Geographic Special: Forging a Katana

I’ve been a bit of a Japanophile for many, many years.  I took Japanese in grad school for a year… and my (modest) knowledge of Japanese culture was enormously useful in this work situation.  Nihon ni itte kitai.  (I think I have that right: “I want to go to Japan.”)

Here’s a program about how katanas – the Samurai Sword – are forged.  Nice program.

Of course, so much of this begs the question… just how did they figure all of this out?  It had to be decades upon decades (centuries?) of trial and error – but some of the ideas, like selectively coating the blade in different types and thicknesses of clay before quenching?  What on earth inspired them to even try that?


And please keep in mind, I’m on a job search for:

  • Plastics Design Engineer
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Science Saturday: Bill Whittle on Alien Life

Bill Whittle, one of my favorite online commenters, discusses our moon – Luna – and its hypothesized role in the evolution of both life and intelligent life… worth a few minutes to watch.  Some profound implications in this, both scientific and religious.