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Inspirational Quote of the Day – Life Goal Edition

If there is no struggle, there is no progress.

Frederick Douglass

(I’ve started exercising again… after losing 50 pounds (!) I hit Thanksgiving – or was it Thanksgiving hit me?  Regardless, 20 pounds got found real fast, and I’m trying to get them off.  It’s a struggle to get up earlier and do the squats, pushups, crunches… let alone 30 trips up and down the stairs as of this morning!  But I pray to G-d it will be worth it; my goal – my number one goal – is to live long enough, and stay healthy enough, to not only see my grandchildren but for them to have fond memories of me!)

Exercise of the Week: Hindu Pushup

When I first read about these I could do 20-30 normal pushups in a row. I figured I could crank out at least 10 of these. Did I?



Three of these and my arms collapsed.

I’m now up to about 10-12. Part of the exercise routine I cited in:

The Thinnest of Margins