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ISRAEL TRIP – A moment at the Kotel

My mother was a Sabra – a person born in Israel – but while raised as a Jew, it was a “social” Jewishness.  Sure, we celebrated Hanukah, and Passover; we would eat apples and honey on Rosh Hashanah and would attend Kol Nidre services on Yom Kippur… but aside from that, there was nothing.  No Shabbat candle lighting, no prayers, no blessings, and certainly not even an attempt to keep kosher.

Thus, these two pictures of my first prayer at the Kotel (Western Wall) wearing tefillin.  I cannot describe what this meant to me, to be connected to my faith and to Jewish history.


I still have so much to learn – so much that, thanks to my late parents’ apathy and disinterest, I never learned.  It will be a lifetime’s journey to learn my faith’s birthright that I was denied growing up.


A view from the apartment in Jerusalem:



Starting to walk:



Ben Yehuda helped invent modern Hebrew by creating all sorts of words that biblical Hebrew did not have… i.e., modern things like gloves, and ice cream, and so on – in a large part, he is the father of the currently-used language:



Pizza Hut is everywhere… (and kosher too – so no sausage!!!)



I bought a few kippot here.



Streets in modern Jerusalem…



Yes, I needed coffee (body still being back on the East coast) – well-named!



Approaching the Old City…



The below picture is of an Arab area… every once in a while, through an intermediary, a Jew manages to buy a house.  And usually the person who sold it gets arrested – selling a house to a Jew is a capital offense.



The sense of history and millennia are everywhere… 



The Western Wall (Kotel):



Prayers inserted into the wall.  This is the women’s section; the wife borrowed my phone as her battery died.


This was Friday afternoon; we took a taxi to the apartment.  Israel pretty much shuts down for Shabbat.  I wanted to go food shopping at 3:30 PM and, on the way to the market, was told it was already closed & shuttered.  This is a country that lives the Faith.

Fortunately we had enough food in the apartment to make it through to when the stores opened again… but that was more by luck than deliberate intent.