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Yours Truly… and a fish named “Chowdah”

From my once-a-year ocean fishing trip.  Caught lots of fish but mostly throw-back small fry*.  (At one point I was catching nothing, with people to the left and right of me pulling up keeper after keeper, I wondered aloud if my line had a fish-language sign warning: Not This One!) But it was a magnificent day out on the ocean, sun, fresh salt air, and 2-3 foot swells that gave a nice rocking action to the boat… and as long as I came home with at least one for my traditional post-trip New England “fish chowdah”… all was good for the day.  As it happened, someone exceeded their limit so they donated one to me, so a large pot of soup was in the offing for that evening’s dinner.

2015 fishing trip

* I hated that.  I want to catch keepers, knock them out, and slip them into ice… not traumatize fish that then go back having to heal up from the hook.