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ISRAEL TRIP – two pictures from Haifa


This is the front door of the building where my grandmother lived until a few months before she died at age 99.  This is where my mother grew up.  I’ve been in the apartment many times – and remember the view of the sea from the porch.  Now the building is a law firm.

All the other pictures from Haifa have family members, so… sorry.  At least, though, I did meet one of my cousins and his two children – people I’ve never met before.  And for giggles, here’s the menu of the restaurant where we ate lunch.  Not much open on Shabbat, so we took what we could get.  I had the kebab and a couple of knishes.  I was tempted to try the brain… braaaaains… but no.  The chopped liver, ordered by one of my cousin’s kids, wasn’t bad and the wife was gushing over the calfs foot jelly which was, apparently, a food she ate when she was young and brought back fond memories.  Basically, gelatin with pieces & bits of meat in it that you spread on the bread.  I tried it; edible but not high on the list of things I’d recommend.

(I know, I know, tref and on Shabbat to boot.  So sue me – never said I was perfect.)