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Skipped a day – three – because it was Shabbat.  This day we drove from Jerusalem to Masada and the Dead Sea.

Looking back at Jerusalem, about to go through the tunnel that leads to the desert…



And through the tunnel.  Note the change in the level of greenery…



Bedouin encampment – I’d really not even call it a “village” – to the right.  Apparently, from my host, to claim the “Bedouin” moniker they’re supposed to move every so often.



Well below sea level at this point.



Jericho to the left in the distance… the green is a large grove of date palms.



Masada visitor’s center:



Had initially planned on hiking up, but…

  1. Am way out of shape! 😦  Next time for sure, though!
  2. Time.  We also wanted to get to the Dead Sea.



Looking back down at the visitor’s center.



The largest of the water cisterns.  Huge.  Apparently Herod figured out how to channel the water from winter rains to Masada to fill this, and the other, cisterns.



The Roman encampment from when they attacked.



You can see the start of the ramp the Romans built to get up to the top.



And now to the Dead Sea.  Sorry, no pictures of me bobbing like a cork.



A Sabra – or prickly-pear – cactus:



Lastly, I get a picture of myself in front of McDonalds when I travel overseas.



A view from the apartment in Jerusalem:



Starting to walk:



Ben Yehuda helped invent modern Hebrew by creating all sorts of words that biblical Hebrew did not have… i.e., modern things like gloves, and ice cream, and so on – in a large part, he is the father of the currently-used language:



Pizza Hut is everywhere… (and kosher too – so no sausage!!!)



I bought a few kippot here.



Streets in modern Jerusalem…



Yes, I needed coffee (body still being back on the East coast) – well-named!



Approaching the Old City…



The below picture is of an Arab area… every once in a while, through an intermediary, a Jew manages to buy a house.  And usually the person who sold it gets arrested – selling a house to a Jew is a capital offense.



The sense of history and millennia are everywhere… 



The Western Wall (Kotel):



Prayers inserted into the wall.  This is the women’s section; the wife borrowed my phone as her battery died.


This was Friday afternoon; we took a taxi to the apartment.  Israel pretty much shuts down for Shabbat.  I wanted to go food shopping at 3:30 PM and, on the way to the market, was told it was already closed & shuttered.  This is a country that lives the Faith.

Fortunately we had enough food in the apartment to make it through to when the stores opened again… but that was more by luck than deliberate intent.

Book recommendation: “Uprooted: How 3000 Years of Jewish Civilization in the Arab World Vanished Overnight”

A fantastic book that covers how – well before Israel was founded – Jews were dhimmis and second-class citizens in much of the Muslim world… with attacks, violence, and open pogroms against them decades before Israel was founded.

The book also covers the expulsion of over 800,000 Jews from the Muslim world after Israel’s founding including how they were stripped of property and forced to flee, sometimes with just the clothes on their backs.

Uprooted: How 3000 Years of Jewish Civilization in the Arab World Vanished Overnight

9-11: Never forgotten… never forgiven



I will never forget that day.  Where I was.  What I was doing.  And how America was attacked.

I will never forgive those that did it, or the ideology that spawned that action.  Nor will I forgive the numerous apologists who so quickly condemned America for “deserving it” – with quotes like “America’s chickens have come home to roost”.  I will never forgive the conspiracy nutjobs who, despite actual photographic evidence of the planes flying into the buildings, think it was missiles, or controlled demolitions, or whatever.

We are at war.  We are still at war.  Unfortunately, we’re not taking it seriously… they are.