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To my Persian friends… Happy Nowruz!

March 21 is the Persian New Year.  I’ve been to Iran – before the revolution when I was knee-high to a grasshopper – and remember it fondly.  I’d love to be able to go again someday.  I’d like to see the Blue Mosque in Isfahan, and that mosque in Shiraz with all the mirror tiling inside.  And to spend a day in the ruins of Persepolis again… WOW!

So from me to you…  HAPPY NOWRUZ!



Phriday Filosophy

“The curse of every ancient civilization was that its men in the end became unable to fight. Materialism, luxury, safety, even sometimes an almost modern sentimentality, weakened the fibre of each civilized race in turn; each became in the end a nation of pacifists, and then each was trodden under foot by some ruder people that had kept the virile fighting power the lack of which makes all other virtues useless and sometimes even harmful.”

— President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt (can’t find a specific attribution)

Reminds me of this prior Phriday Filosophy.

Frank Zappa on Civics Classes… and a request

I collect these textbooks and materials. If you find these at a “reasonable” price in an antique store, i.e., < $20, please tell me and send me some info on it, I’ll likely pay for the book and the postage.  (Depends on how many contacts I get!)

I suspect the damage done to our understanding of the Constitution is intentional.  Just as in the “Great Leap Forward” in China, and other forced transformations, you have to destroy the old culture first before you can create the envisioned “People’s Utopia”.