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Resume question…

I’m still on a job search.  Sigh.  (My not-exhaustive list of target companies/industries.)

I’m revamping my resume and want to add hotlinks to the Word document so that people can click on them and get directed to items on my portfolio.

My question is this.  How to capture the hotlink.  I can:

  1. Have the bullet for my accomplishment bullet points be a special icon that looks like a link.
  2. Embed the hotlink in the text of the bullet point.
  3. Add an “link” icon, or the work Link, at the end of the bullet point.

What do you think?

How do you hypnotize an engineer?

Please note, I am on a job search for a full-time, direct-hire position.  Ideally between Burlington, MA and Concord, NH, and my focus is in either the medical device or defense industries (doesn’t mean I’m disinterested in other possibilities!).  Positions in which I’ve kicked you-know-what in the past:

  • Plastics Design Engineer
  • New Product Introduction (design – manufacturing handoff)
  • Cost Reduction


My Thanks to Neil Patrick

Neil Patrick, of 40pluscareerguru, just wrote an extraordinarily nice recommendation on my LinkedIn profile. It was really nice of him to do, and I wanted to share it in its entirety (seeing as I am looking for work, hint hint!).

Here it is:

I have had the privilege and pleasure to get to know David quite well since we first connected on Linkedin and Twitter. He has helped me tremendously with intelligent and articulate guest posts which I have been pleased to publish on my blog. These facts alone speak volumes about David’s character, ability and willingness to share and help others.

David possesses a rare commodity these days; the courage to tell the truth as he perceives it in a direct and clear manner. David’s sharp and independent mind and willingness to help others before himself means I consider he would be an asset to any team or group. It’s refreshing to know a person so willing to state what they think is best path for everyone rather than simply slant things to their individual benefit. If you want a simple ‘yes man’ look elsewhere. If you want someone who has the talent to spot elephants in rooms and courage to challenge the sacred cows, David is your man! I would unquestionably trust him to watch my back anytime…

Thank you Neil! And hopefully this post drives a lot of people to your site… and that at least a few avail themselves of your services.

JOBS in New England – Manufacturing Jobs Site

Jobs in Manufacturing – job site

CT: http://www.getmanufacturingjobs.com/Connecticut.html
MA: http://www.getmanufacturingjobs.com/Massachusetts.html
ME: http://www.getmanufacturingjobs.com/Maine.html
NH: http://www.getmanufacturingjobs.com/New-Hampshire.html
RI: http://www.getmanufacturingjobs.com/Rhode-Island.html
VT: http://www.getmanufacturingjobs.com/Vermont.html

JOBS in New England

Cambridge, MA

Operational Excellence Manager
University Academic Program Specialist
Sr. Director , Product Management – Security
Principal Software Engineer
Global Program Director – Platform
Senior Contracts Negotiator
Senior Software Engineer (DevOps)
Network Manager
Solutions Engineer
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Manager
Solution Architect – QA Engineer
Sales Operations Manager
Solutions Consultant – Corporate Markets
Sales Director, Financial Services
Cambridge, MA

Data Analyst
Senior Software Engineer / Team Lead

Warehouse Manager

Maintenance Mechanic

Process Technician

Account Executive – Steam & Pressure
Peabody, Massachusetts

Operations Project Manager – Management Services
Peabody, Massachusetts

Operations Project Manager – Management Services
Peabody, MA

IT Security Business Development Manager
Peabody, MA  |  San Diego, CA  |  New Brighton, MI

Press Operator Group 2 – GTO Heidleberg Color Numbering
Location: Townsend, Massachusetts

Marketing Coordinator – Waltham, MA
Field Sales Representative, Engineering Software  – Waltham, MA
Senior Software Engineer, 3D Modeling in C++ – Waltham, MA
Senior Software Engineer, UI and Infrastructure – Waltham, MA
Quality Assurance Engineer for 3D Modeling Software – Waltham, MA


Over 1000 positions found when Massachusetts is searched for.

Senior DSP Test Engineer – Audio Software   Software Quality Assurance   US-Boston

Software Development Manager (MUSX, Mobile Apps)   Software   US-Santa Barbara

Software Product Management Lead, Trueplay   Product Management   US-Boston
US-Santa Barbara

Content & Communications Lead, Customer Care   Customer Care   US-Boston
US-Santa Barbara

Technical Support Specialist   Customer Care   US-Santa Barbara

Senior Accountant   Finance   US-Santa Barbara

API Writer   Industrial Design   US-Boston

Senior System Engineer   Information Technology   US-Boston

Senior Software Engineer, Enterprise Applications   Software   US-Boston
US-Santa Barbara

Principal Acoustic Systems Engineer   Hardware   US-Boston
US-Santa Barbara

Principal Audio Research Engineer   Hardware   US-Boston
US-Santa Barbara

Senior Radio System Engineer   Hardware   US-Boston
US-Santa Barbara

Software Development Manager – Modern Audio Platform   Software   US-Boston
US-Santa Barbara

Software Engineer, Embedded Platform   Software   US-Boston
US-Santa Barbara

Software Engineer, WiFi and Networking   Software   US-Santa Barbara

Software Manager, Build and Tools   Software   US-Boston
US-Santa Barbara

Technical Manager, Web Publishing   Software   US-Boston
US-Santa Barbara

Test Lead for Developer Integrations   Software Quality Assurance   US-Boston
US-Santa Barbara

Senior Software Test Engineer – Wifi and Networking   Software Quality Assurance   US-Boston
US-Santa Barbara

Senior Software Test Manager – Applications   Software Quality Assurance   US-Boston
US-Santa Barbara

Senior Test Engineer for Developer Integrations   Quality   US-Boston
US-Santa Barbara

Software Test Engineer – Security   Software Quality Assurance   US-Boston
US-Santa Barbara

Software Test Team Lead/Manager – Applications   Software Quality Assurance   US-Boston
US-Santa Barbara

Software Test Team Lead/Manager – Networking   Software Quality Assurance   US-Boston
US-Santa Barbara

Software Test Team Lead/Manager – Player   Software Quality Assurance   US-Boston
US-Santa Barbara

Software Test Team Lead/Manager (MUSX)   Software Quality Assurance   US-Boston
US-Santa Barbara

Senior Product Manager – Foundational Services Platform   Product Management   US-Boston
US-Santa Barbara

Senior Software Product Manager, Player Platform   Product Management   US-Boston
US-Santa Barbara

Project Manufacturing Engineering Lead   SCM, Logistics and Manufacturing   US-Santa Barbara

Senior Systems Engineer, Service Operations   Software   US-Seattle
US-Santa Barbara

2148 Senior University Recruiter Human Resources Natick, MA 2/1/16 5:31 PM
2115 Fire Protection Engineer Thermal Sciences Natick, MA 1/15/16 4:56 PM
1117 Senior Associate/Senior Engineer Vehicle Engineering Natick, MA 12/17/15 1:25 PM
2018 Senior Engineer Civil Engineering Natick, MA 10/30/15 10:31 AM
1953 Associate/Engineer Thermal Sciences Natick, MA 9/29/15 10:53 AM
1938 Associate Mechanical Engineering Natick, MA 9/14/15 3:55 PM
1834 Associate Polymer Science and Materials Chemistry Natick, MA 7/2/15 2:52 PM
1678 Chemical Engineer Thermal Sciences Natick, MA 5/28/15 2:53 PM
1226 Engineers, Thermal Sciences [UR] University Recruiting Natick, MA 4/21/15 3:41 PM
Operator II 798 (3rd Shift)
Chicopee, Massachusetts 02/26/2016

Intern Marketing & Care Continuum
Mansfield, Massachusetts 02/25/2016

Administrative Assistant III
Mansfield, Massachusetts 02/25/2016

Summer Intern Compliance
Mansfield, Massachusetts 02/25/2016

Sr. Employee Relations Partner
Danvers, Massachusetts 02/24/2016

Sr Prin IT Bus Systems Analyst
Mansfield, Massachusetts 02/24/2016

Principal Reimbursement and Payer Solutions (1 of 2 positions)
Mansfield, Massachusetts 02/24/2016

Therapy Support Specialist Boston
Boston, Massachusetts 02/24/2016

Project Coordinator IV
Littleton, Massachusetts 02/23/2016

Sr Technician Manufacturing Engineering 2nd Shift
Littleton, Massachusetts 02/22/2016

Page one of…. not sure how many

Woonsocket, RI:

Mechanical Engineer

Hardware Engineer

Firmware Engineer

VP, National Sales


Test Engineer Cambridge, MA
Sr. Software Engineer Cambridge, MA
Sr. GNC Engineer Cambridge, MA
Software Test Engineer Cambridge, MA
Robotics/Software Engineer Cambridge, MA
Robotics Engineer Cambridge, MA
Project Engineer Cambridge, MA
Program Manager Cambridge, MA
Human Factors Engineer Cambridge, MA
HR Generalist Cambridge, MA
Business Support Specialist Cambridge, MA
Autonomy GNC Engineer Cambridge, MA

2016-3545    Internal Audit Intern    US-MA-Billerica
Billerica  MA  US  Intern Full Time    2/5/2016

2016-3449    Senior Manager Supply Chain    US-MA-Billerica
Billerica  MA  US  Regular Full-Time    1/15/2016

2015-3417    Software Engineer    US-MA-Billerica
Billerica  MA  US  Regular Full-Time    1/4/2016

2015-3415    Mechanical Engineer    US-MA-Billerica
Billerica  MA  US  Regular Full-Time    1/4/2016

2015-3403    Service Sales Specialist – BBIO Services and Lifecycle Support    US-MA-Billerica
Billerica  MA  US  Regular Full-Time    12/21/2015

2015-3394    Senior Accountant    US-MA-Billerica
Billerica  MA  US  Regular Full-Time    12/22/2015

2015-3351    MALDI Applications Scientist    US-MA-Billerica
Billerica  MA  US  Regular Full-Time    12/7/2015

2015-3319    Senior Quality Engineer – New Product Development    US-MA-Billerica
Billerica  MA  US  Regular Full-Time    1/11/2016

2015-3308    Senior Quality Engineer – Document Change Control    US-MA-Billerica
Billerica  MA  US  Regular Full-Time    11/20/2015

2015-3300    Senior Quality Engineer – Manufacturing    US-MA-Billerica
Billerica  MA  US  Regular Full-Time    11/30/2015

2015-3262    Commercial Administrator    US-MA-Billerica
Billerica  MA  US  Regular Full-Time    11/9/2015

2015-3249    Manufacturing Engineer    US-MA-Billerica
Billerica  MA  US  Regular Full-Time    11/3/2015

2015-3246    Receptionist/ Office Concierge    US-MA-Billerica
Billerica  MA  US  Regular Full-Time    1/18/2016

2015-3237    Senior Quality Process/Systems Engineer    US-MA-Billerica
Billerica  MA  US  Regular Full-Time    1/8/2016

2015-3223    Applications Engineer – Bruker BioSpin    US-MA-Billerica
Billerica  MA  US  Regular Full-Time    1/5/2016

2015-3188    Manager, Software Development    US-MA-Billerica
Billerica  MA  US  Regular Full-Time    10/21/2015

2015-3130    Senior Software Engineer    US-MA-Billerica
Billerica  MA  US  Regular Full-Time    12/7/2015

2015-3084    Sales Associate – MBT (Boston Area)    US-MA-Boston Area
Boston Area  MA  US  Regular Full-Time    10/6/2015

2015-2978    Field Service Engineer    US-MA-Boston Area
Boston Area  MA  US  Regular Full-Time    1/21/2016

** Over 400 positions in the US; can’t easily be further broken down to NE locations

2016-7839    Manufacturing Engineering Manager    US-MA-Ayer
2016-7831    Project Manager    US-MA-Ayer
2015-7585    Electrical Engineering Manager    US-MA-Ayer
2015-7576    Electrical Engineer    US-MA-Ayer
2015-7574    Applications Engineer    US-MA-Ayer
2016-7822    Director of Sales – East    US-NY-New York City
2016-7720    Performance Improvement Leader    US-MA-Holyoke

Associate Systems Engineer
Assigned Territory: Windsor, CT   Posting Date: 02/08/2016

** Almost 500 found in NE states.

Lead Underground Transmission Design Engineer (Electrical or Civil Engineer)
MA-Burlington | Req#: 23073BR | Posted: 7-Jan-2016 | Business Line: Power | Business Plan: ENG | Level: 130

Power Delivery Project Field Manager
CT-New Haven | Req#: 24777BR | Posted: 18-Dec-2015 | Business Line: Corporate Const/Procurement | Business Plan: CNS | Level: 008

** Over 300 non-faculty positions

2016-1100    Senior Program Manager – Grid Integration    US-MA

2016-1099    Senior Service Engineer    US-MA

2015-1098    Principal Software Engineer    US-MA

2015-1096    Sales Director – Behind the Meter    US-MA-Westborough

2015-1094    Sales Engineer – Europe    US-MA-Westborough

2015-1093    Sales Engineer – Middle East & Africa    US-MA-Westborough

2015-1092    Sales Director    US-MA-Westborough

** VERY unfriendly.

Executive Assistant (131-241)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Formulation Manager (97-241)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

R&D Chemist Engineer (86-241)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Growth and Innovation Leader, Specialty Building Materials (SBM) (155-241)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Director of Accounting & Financial Reporting (GCPFIN137)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Director of Internal Audit (GCPFIN169)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Director of Tax (GCPFIN172)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Director, Investor Relations (161-241)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Financial Systems Analyst (144-241)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Global Demand Manager (132-241)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Manager/Sr.Manager Corporate Development (GCPFIN013)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Senior Accountant (GCPFIN143)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Senior Accountant – Financial Reporting (GCPFIN147)
Cambridge, , United States

Senior Accountant, Financial Reporting (GCPFIN141)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Senior Finance Analyst (GCPFIN190)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Senior Financial Analyst, Operations (GCPFIN011)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Senior Manager, Domestic Tax (GCPFIN175)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Senior Manager, International Tax (GCPFIN173)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Senior Treasury Analyst, Cash Management (GCPFIN182)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Senior Treasury Analyst, Financial Risk (GCPFIN183)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Sr. Financial Systems Analyst – BPC (145-241)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Benefits Specialist (GCPHR045)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Global HR Business Partner – Darex Packaging Technologies (GCPHR033)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

HRIS Analyst (GCPHR050)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Intern: Human Resources (156-241)
Cambridge, , United States

Senior Learning and Development Manager (GCPHR047)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Sr.Analyst AD, Messaging (GCPIT085)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Marketing Leadership Program (77-241)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Facilities Engineer (87-241)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Maintenance HVAC Technician – Licensed (89-241)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Manager, NA Operations (152-241)
Cambridge, , United States

Operations Manager – SCC (141-241)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Global Product Manager Performance Concrete (85-241)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Intern: Marketing (159-241)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Manager, Digital Media (GCPBIZ016)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Sr.Manager, Creative and Media (GCPBIZ015)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Intern: Marketing Communications (160-241)
Cambridge, , United States

Senior Analytical Chemist (80-241)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Senior Assembly Technician (79-241)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Technician Specialist, Analytical (122-241)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Americas Technical Services Engineer (148-241)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Americas Technical Services Manager (90-241)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

BE Regional Manager (118-241)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Global Buisness Planning Manager- Darex Packaging (88-241)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Sales Lead Generation Specialist (75-241)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Sales Representative (52-241)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Sales Representative Air Barriers, Northern California (47-241)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Sales Representative, Fire Protection (55-241)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Sales Representative, Residential (49-241)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Intern: Supply Chain (157-241)
Cambridge, , United States

Intern: Supply Chain (158-241)
Cambridge, , United States

Sr Buyer – North America, Direct Materials (120-241)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Designer Draftsperson II (95-241)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Field Canvass Manager – Marlborough, MA
Marlborough, MA

Construction Supervisor (Marlborough, MA area)
Hopkinton, MA

Inspection Coordinator – Wilmington, MA
Wilmington, MA

Installer – Hartford, CT
Hartford, CT

Installer – Hartford, CT
Hartford, CT

Installer – Manchester, NH
Manchester, NH

Installer – Marlborough, MA
Marlborough, MA

Installer – Marlborough, MA
Marlborough, MA

Installer – Wilmington, Ma
Wilmington, MA

Journeyman Electrician – Marlborough, MA
Marlborough, MA

Journeyman Electrician – Wilmington, Ma
Wilmington, MA

Journeyman Electrician-Wilmington, Ma
Wilmington, MA

Lead Installer – Wilmington, Ma
Wilmington, MA

Licensed Journeyman Electrician – Hartford, CT
Hartford, CT

Solar Installer – Nashua, NH
Nashua, NH

Solar Site Technician – Nashua, NH
Retail Solar Advisor

Hartford, CT
Nashua, NH

Retail Sales Representative- NH
Seabrook, NH

Retail Sales Representative- NH
Seabrook, NH

Field Solar Consultant – Boston
Boston, MA

Field Solar Consultant – CT
Fairfield, CT

Field Solar Consultant – CT
Hartford, CT

Project Planner – Nashua, NH
Nashua, NH

Field Solar Consultant, Massachusetts
Boston, MA

Retail Solar Advisor
Hartford, CT

Retail Solar Advisor
Manchester, NH

Journeyman Electrician – Marlborough, MA
Marlborough, MA

A Patent Milestone for a Monday

Just found my patent-in-progress on google:

A method for producing carbon black using an extender fluid

Even though I’m a Mechanical Engineer, working at a chemical company I picked up some things… and was able to use this knowledge to come up with a “nitwit idea of the month” that wasn’t quite so nitwit.  And it’s apparently working well enough that they’ve submitted it to four countries’ patent agencies too.

So – hiring managers… take a chance.  Let my from-outside-the-industry creativity work for you.

About Me


White Paper: Use of a 1-3-9 Scoring System for Evaluating Project Alternatives

This is a slightly-edited version of my term paper for my Project Management class, taken as a part of my Six Sigma Graduate Certificate at SNHU.  I hope there’s something in here that helps you… and please do remember, I’m looking for a job, so check out my Portfolio to see a sampling of things I’ve done – perhaps I could fit into your organization as a Design and/or Manufacturing Engineer.

Use of a 1-3-9 Scoring System for Evaluating Project Alternatives

Job Search Article Aggregate – July 14, 2015

As a part of my own job search I read a lot of articles about things like networking, cover letters, resumes, interviews, etc. One thing I try to do to help others in the same boat is by aggregating these into my on-going series of “Article Aggregate” posts. For reference, I try to post one of these about every three weeks or so.

  • If your material is mentioned here – and there are a lot of people whose good work I try to capture – please RT this broadcast to reach and help others. (And if I have your article here but didn’t tweet to you to announce its inclusion, it means I couldn’t find your twitter handle.)
  • If you contact one of the people / organizations mentioned because of my post (e.g., a resume consultant, a job search coach, etc.) please tell them you heard about them through me.
  • If you tweet one of the links here specifically, please include me in your tweet (i.e., by adding “via @davidhuntpe” to the tweet) – and consider following me: @davidhuntpe

(Plug: If you really like this aggregate – and consider that I put several hours into each of these! – please check out my SRG page; buy from my affiliates who pay me a commission. If you’re not feeling commercial, consider giving to one of the charities I support. Or take a look at the kind of places I’m looking for work – perhaps you know someone, or know someone who knows someone, who works there; an introduction would be welcomed! And please consider that I have broadened my geographical search area.)


David Hunt, PE



In shameless self-promotion mode, I’m putting links to the last two essays I’ve published here at the top. Reverse-chronological order. These will, of course, change as I publish new ones.

So… my last two original essays:

The Quest for the Purple Squirrel


** An attempt to understand why hiring managers obsess about the “Purple Squirrel”.

Dinner Guests from History


** In which I answer one of my own “penetrating questions”. (Insights into yours truly.)

And I’m going to, at random, hype an essay from earlier on – changing every time:

An Engineer’s Life: David Hunt Explains why he became a Mechanical Engineer


`** An essay I wrote, by request of the SPE Automotive Division, about my past and why I became an engineer.




How to Convince an Employer to Take a Chance on You (and Ignore the More Qualified Candidates)


** Interesting, but IMHO a lot easier said than done. Related:

5 Ways to Stand Out When You’re Competing With Really Qualified Candidates


7 Reasons Employers Will Hire You #WisdomWednesday


** All good, but… ultimately, it’s because you seem the best suited to solve the problems they’re having.

Is World of Warcraft a Better Hiring Test than a Job Interview?


** It’s a gimmick. And it’s a way to avoid having to take responsibility for the hiring decision. “The test said they were OK!”

A Dozen Critical Trends That Will Affect Employment Search in 2015


** What are the trends you need to know?

How to Avoid Long-Term Unemployment


** I actually find this believable. Related:

How to Thwart Concerns About Your Long-term Unemployment


** Excellent advice!

Eat, Drink, and be Hired-Tips for Dining with Your Future Boss


** How you behave at a meal can make or break your candidacy.

11 Ways to Identify Your Next Employer


** Identifying places to target can be one of the biggest challenges.

Your Job Is Not Your Job (2.1)


** This really made me think about my presentation during an interview.

Acing the American Job Interview (for International, ESOL, and Multilingual Candidates)


** This is very useful for people who come from overseas.

Should You Apply for a Job When You Don’t Have all the Qualifications?


** Short answer: It depends.



The Career Experts


Inspire Careers


Call To Career








Age Discrimination and Job Search?


** I’ve tried to remove myself from multiple databases – not for age reasons, but just privacy. It’s a vain effort IMHO. Not only do I keep reappearing, but with so many databases, it’s a Herculean task.

The Stigma of Long-term Unemployment… and Yet Another Round of Ageism


** A great piece by Marcia! And another:

How to Thwart Concerns About Your Long-term Unemployment


Are We the Job Hopping Generation?


** As an older person, you can use this to your advantage. Related:

What Increased Job Hopping Means for Employers


40 And Irrelevant? I Don’t Think So!


** I know people who write code who are 50+ and can code circles around younger people.

Top 10 Job Search Strategies for Executives Over 40


** Some basics.

8 major job-search changes for older workers


** Definitely a whole new world if you haven’t been job-seeking for a long time.

5 Reasons To Diversify Your Workforce


** Can you, as an older candidate, use “diversity” in your favor?



Why Your Bio Is More Important than Your Resume


** This looks like a useful tack. Not sure how well it works, but… do remember, people get engaged by stories, not dry facts.

Turn Gatekeepers Into Allies!


** Definitely don’t want to piss them off.

Do This, and You’ll Always Be the Most Popular Person in the Room


** Very pertinent to when you’re talking with someone. Related:

8 Ways to Be the Person Everyone Wants to Talk to at a Networking Event


** I liked this.

How to Introduce Yourself in a Way That’ll Make People Care Who You Are


** Good techniques.

How Can I Get A Hiring Manager’s Attention?


** I admire the concept and attempt to practice it. However, networking is becoming more and more difficult. Sort-of related:

3 Tactics You Can Implement Today for Higher Email Open Rates


Best Tips to Network Authentically and Successfully


** All good. (Though I am reminded of a Groucho Marx witticism: “Sincerity is the key to success; if you can fake that, you’ve got it made!”)

Seven Ways to Keep in Touch with Your Contacts


** I agree with all of these, except – perhaps! – the idea of a constant-contact type email. Mixed feelings about that; might work, but might be viewed as over the top.

Why Networking Must Be More Than An Event


** Precisely. I will reprise, once more, an anecdotal story I heard of a six-figure job being landed because of a conversation in a supermarket checkout line.

10 Killer Networking Questions That Spark Meaningful Conversation


** Always good to have a variety of ways to open a conversation.

Why Networking Is More Important Than Your Resume


** Networking is critical.

Five Networking Lessons I Wish I Learned in High School


** It’s amazing to me how cliquish companies of *cough* adults can be… and how akin to high school many *cough* professional environments are.

The 5 Keys to No Fear Networking


** Very good basics.



3 Good Reasons To Spend More Time On Your Cover Letter


** Definitely, can’t just dash one off.

How to Write an Honest Cover Letter to Avoid the Wrong Job


** DO’s and DON’Ts.

Before You Submit That Resume…


** Good reasons to write one.

Your Cover Letter: Write About Opportunity, Not Pain


** A nice flip of the “pain letter”.

No-Fail Cover Letter Strategy


** You can’t be generic.

6 Ways to Ensure The Cover Letter You Write Is Read


** If it’s not read, it’s worthless (unless they still read your resume).

Should You Include a Cover Letter If it’s Not Required?


** Short answer: yes.



Alex Freund: “Front load” accomplishments on your résumé


** Assuming you get through the ATS, you have to catch attention – and quick.

Résumé Keywords Are the Keys to Be Found


** The trick is to know what keywords to use!

How to Use Numbers to Make Your Resume Stand Out


** I’m not sure I agree with the idea of bolding, but if it works for you…

How to List Multiple Positions at One Company on Your Resume


** Especially pertinent if you’ve been at a company for a while.

How I Hired Talent


** At issue is understanding how to present yourself as that solution mentioned in the article.

Screening Your Resume: What Recruiters Look For in 15 Seconds


** Reverse engineer this and apply to your resume! Related:

Why Do 90% Of Resumes Go In The Bin (Without Ever Being Read)?


Get Rid Of The Boring Career Summary On Your Resume, Use This Instead.


** Mixed feelings. I can certainly see how this approach might grab attention, and that’s good. OTOH, might it be a little too self-centered? YMMV.

How to Match Your Resume to Every Job You Want [Infographic]


** You can’t not try to match them.

10 Resume Quick Fixes


** Foundational basics.

How to Format Your Resume for Electronic Job Applications (What You Don’t Know Won’t Hurt You. Is That So?)


** IMHO “ATS” really stands for “Application Termination System” given the statistics about how many qualified candidates do not get through.



How to Ace the Face-to-Face Interview


** There is a window between being scripted and being so polished you sound canned. What that window is, however, is a mystery. And don’t think CAR, think SPARTACUS:

How to turn yourself into a winning job candidate


** My essay, reblogged.

Are You Prepared For This Interview Question? (Most People Are Not)


** Just heard a good chemistry joke: “What comes after 16 sodiums?” “Batman.”   (Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na BATMAN!)

5 Reasons You’re Getting Knocked Out in the First Round of Interviews (and How to Stop)


** The first rule: don’t screw up!

Investing in Your Interview Wardrobe Pays Dividends


** First impressions will make or break you – in a matter of seconds:

7 seconds – why that’s all you may have to succeed or fail at interview


Interviewing is a Game. Here’s How to Win.


** Good basics to review. (Though, seriously, someone who enjoys job hunting?)



** Yup.

Information You Must Have before the Interview


** Prepare, prepare, prepare.

10 Things To Bring To Every Job Interview [INFOGRAPHIC]


** I agree with some of these, but… passport pictures and protein bars?



7 Great Questions to Ask an Applicant’s References


** These are good ones to forewarn references about.

How to Write a Memorable Thank You Note


** Don’t just say “Thank you”.

65% of Successful Job Seekers Say “Thank You for the Interview” via Email — RESEARCH FINDING


** Note that correlation does not imply causation, but… IMHO you cannot ignore sending thank you emails.

Thanks! 20 Job Interview Thank You Note Tips


** Worth reading, though don’t do all of these at once!

Does Following Up With Employers Really Matter?


** The short answer: yes. Just remember, there’s a fine line between persistent and pest… and that line is not easy to spot.



12 egregious mistakes you don’t want to make with your LinkedIn profile


** Good advice from Bob! And another by the same author:

4 reasons why you need a strong LinkedIn Summary


The 7 Linkedin Tips You Need to Find Your Dream Job Today


** Just remember, this doesn’t take the place of doing the work.

De-mystifying LinkedIn Keywords


** And an idea I’ve been playing with – which I’ve seen elsewhere – is to use wordclouds to identify trending keywords.

How to Leverage Blogs in Your Job Search


** This is one of the reasons I blog! Related:

Blogging Your Way to the Top: A Beginner’s Compendium


Deadly LinkedIn Mistake: No Professional Photo


** Consider a photo session an investment.

3 Reasons You’re Not Getting Hired


** It could be you… but then again, it might not be.

Is Your Online Presence Visible Enough for Social Recruiters?


** It better be – because that’s where people are looking.



How NOT to Impress a Prospective Employer [INFOGRAPHIC]


** The first rule: don’t screw up.

How to Make Competition Irrelevant


** Some good advice, though I don’t think you can ever make the competition truly irrelevant.

What? That was part of the selection process?


** Very definitely, small things matter:

10 tiny things that can ruin your chances of getting hired


3 Little Known Ways to Conduct a Long-Distance Job Search (Relocation)


** Sometimes moving is an option, or even a desire.

Endear Yourself to the Buyer


** If you want to be caught, think like the fisherman. What do they want and value? Related:

4 Ways to Turn “No” Into “Yes”


** After all, this is a sales and marketing gig.

The Biggest Mistake Candidates Make On Assessments


** Written by an employee of a company that makes such assessments, so take with a grain of salt. Still, good thoughts on how to game the system.

3 Quick Tips to Demand Attention in Today’s Job Market


** Worth a try.

How Your Attitude Defines Your Job Search


** There is, IMHO, a difference between having a can-do, positive attitude, and having a soma-induced, plastic smile, oh-boy-it’s-dog-food-again attitude no matter how you are treated in the job search. You get mistreated, consider this a commandment: tell others how the company treated you:

Peeing in the Candidate Reservoir


** Companies that treat candidates (and employees) poorly need to die from their own misdeeds towards what they purport are their “most valuable assets”:

Death by Lethal Reputation


8 things that can kill your job chances


** There’s no question body language is important, but you can paralyze yourself worrying about it – and that paralysis, and consequent lack of authenticity, will doom you.

Volunteering and Your Job Search – A Job Search Tip


** It’s a good way to both meet people and to show your character.

Companies hire skill sets, not job titles


** True.

The Shoo-in Trap


** Don’t get cocky. You don’t have it, until you have it.

How To Apply For A Job Properly: 3 Things We Know You Don’t Do


** Interesting thoughts.

10 Shortcuts Only The Smartest Job Seekers Know


** Solid tips.

3 Best Job Applications Ever


** I’m surprised these worked, but…

5 Key Tips to Wow Recruiters


** This is the money quote: “Companies are awash in resumes, even at the executive level.” Which is important – you need to differentiate yourself at every level.



One in Three Employees Are a Mistake


** Read this, then read this again. The tone of the article is telling hiring managers that the Fantasy Date exists (and, of course, they promise to find them); thus, it reinforces in their minds that they can wait, and wait, and wait.

Plays Well with Others: How to Hire the Best Team


** Fitting in is a huge consideration.

4 Benefits of Psychometric Testing Candidates


** Understand what they’re reading about this kind of test. And for some negative opinions:

10 Reasons Why Time’s XQ Article on Hiring is Based on Bad Science


How HR optimizes rejection of millions of job applicants


** I understand there are studies, but… consider that the people pushing this stuff are the people selling this stuff.

6 Ways to Win Over Any Hiring Manager


** What are they thinking? Get inside their heads.

Seven Lies Every Job Interviewer Tells That You Must Be Aware Of!


** Read between the lines.

4 Interview Questions to Determine Cultural Fit


** This is a huge insight.



5 Powerful Negotiation Insights For A Better Deal


** Useful advice; just remember, if you’re unemployed, you have very little leverage.

How to Master the Prickly Salary Question With Confidence


** I have no objection to being asked what I want, salary-wise. I strongly object to being asked – or worse, mandated by a form – to say what I made elsewhere.

The Secret to Smarter Salary Negotiation: Vacation Time


** I, and others I know, have had very mixed results on this.