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Happy Birthday US Marines


I recently learned that one of my Revolutionary War ancestors (I can document my ties to him and to another, Benjamin Pearson… and there are at least two others but I haven’t proven my ties to them yet), Walter Hunt, was a US Marine (my GGG grandfather).  Here are a couple of pieces of information about him:

He reenlisted on 1 April 1777, in Captain Derry’s command, attached to Colonel John Ely’s Regiment of the same line and service, at New London, Connecticut and served 7 months until Nov 1 1777.

He was part of the Continental Army led by George Washington who, on the night of Dec. 26, 1777, crossed the Delaware River and defeated the Hessians in the Battle of Trenton.


Walter then enlisted in the Marines in January I778 where he was assigned on board the ship USS Oliver Cromwell, commanded by Timothy Parker. He was discharged on September 1778 in New London, Connecticut.