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Memorial Day in one picture

I’ve already posted about Memorial Day, and was going to leave it alone until next year, but then I saw this picture.  In one picture it sums Memorial Day up.

Rest well, soldier.  And my heart goes to the woman in the picture.


In Judaism we have a hope for those we love and respect: “May their names never be forgotten.”

And may we, both as individuals as well as a nation, never forget these incredible men and women either.  For on the day we do, if we fall that far, we will no longer be worthy of being a nation.

Memorial Day: Remembering soldiers past

On this day we remember soldiers who have passed – whether in active service, or in general.  We owe them a debt we can never repay.

I’m the family genealogist.  Strictly amateur but I’ve managed to discover some interesting things nonetheless.  On the basis of my research I’ve joined the Sons of the American Revolution based on Benjamin Pearson, b. 15 Jul 1754, d. 6 Dec 1825.  I am also the descendant of this man, Walter Hunt:




Walter Hunt was with General George Washington as he crossed the Delaware, shown in this famous picture:



Thanks to these men, two other ancestors whom I suspect – but have not gotten there yet! – were also Revolutionary War soldiers, as well as countless others I am free and living in the greatest, most exceptional country that has ever been.

May their names and deeds never be forgotten.  And may all those who served our country and are no longer with us be similarly uplifted in our national, and in individual, memories.


Well done.


Looking back on my life, the Navy was after me in a big way to get into the nuclear engineering program.  As it happens, I knew someone who taught at the nuclear power school in Orlando, FL… and he said “I know you, David.  You’d love the technical stuff, but you’d hate the Navy.”

Perhaps, but there are times when I think it would have done me well to have served… and if there were a branch I’d serve in, it’d be the Navy.  Certainly if I woke up in my teenage body I’d go through college… and then, yes, I’d go into the nuclear program.

Merry Christmas to all!!!

And Happy Chanukah to my fellow members of The Tribe.  Remember, what the tyrants tried to do – as they do in every generation – is to assimilate us, not just enslave us.